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Land Notices
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Classification of Recreation Reserves—Tokoroa, South Waikato District

Pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977, the South Waikato District Council hereby gives notice that the reserves described in the Schedule to this notice are classified for recreation purposes, subject to the provisions of the said Act.

South Auckland Land District—South Waikato District


Description Name
8.5013 Lot 68 DPS 6887, Lot 42 DPS 7961, Lot 1 DPS 8446 and Parts Lot 25 DPS 10766; being all Record of Title 957405. Matarawa Park
12.1076 Lot 1 DPS 17335; being all Record of Title SA17A/23. Part Lake Moananui Reserve
3.5500 Lot 1 DPS 51738; being all Record of Title SA65B/586. Part Lake Moananui Reserve


680 Lot 496 DPS 14422; being all Record of Title SA12C/1152. Part Lake Moananui Reserve
2045 Part Lot 92 DPS 15359; being all Record of Title 957394. Mountbatten Reserve
8203 Part Lot 807 DPS 1904; being balance Record of Title SA23A/11. Part Papanui Reserve
673 Lot 2 DPS 376058; being all Record of Title 305876. Part Papanui Reserve


1.0287 Lot 98 DPS 764 and Lot 1 DPS 1668; being all Record of Title 958391. Stanley Park

Dated at Tokoroa this 28th day of September 2020.

BENJAMIN ERIC SMIT, Chief Executive, South Waikato District Council.

(SWDC Tok/2/16/2A)