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A corrigendum to this notice was published on 22 July 2020, Notice No. 2020-ln3242.

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Land Notices
Notice Title

Notice of Approved Official Geographic Names

Pursuant to sections 10(1)(b), 24(2)(a) and 21(2) of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008, the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (“Board”) gives notice of 363 approved official geographic names as described in the Schedule below.

The Board’s final determination on these approved official geographic names took effect on 16 July 2020.


Approved Official Geographic Name Geographic Feature Type Map and Grid Reference
Ahimanawa Range Range NZTopo50-BH38 044707
Ahimanawa Stream Stream NZTopo50-BG39 320227
Ākitio Locality NZTopo50-BN37 891997
Ākitio River River NZTopo50-BM37 796144
Anaura Bay Bay NZTopo50-BF44 666545
Aorangi Island Island NZTopo50-AW32 579721
Aotea Locality NZTopo50-BE32 598917
Aotea Harbour Bay NZTopo50-BE32 623958
Āpiti Locality NZTopo50-BL35 454712
Arapaoa Locality NZTopo50-AY30 095938
Arapaoa River Bay NZTopo50-AY30 135941
Arapuni Locality NZTopo50-BE35 323830
Ātiamuri Locality NZTopo50-BF36 647462
Awanui Locality NZTopo50-AV26 234215
Awanui Channel Channel NZTopo50-AU26 253331
Awanui River River NZTopo50-AV26 206181
Awaroa Locality NZTopo50-AV26 265972
Awaroa River River NZTopo50-AV26 238932
Awatere Locality NZTopo50-BD45 719164
Awatere River River NZTopo50-BD45 728177
Awatere Stream Stream NZTopo50-BE45 758959
Big Oneroa Beach Beach NZTopo50-BA32 794275
East Tākaka Locality NZTopo50-BP24 855696
East Tāmaki Suburb NZTopo50-BB32 680086
East Tāmaki Heights Suburb NZTopo50-BB32 705097
Eketāhuna Locality NZTopo50-BN35 286971
Hangaroa Locality NZTopo50-BG42 017084
Hangaroa River River NZTopo50-BG42 014070
Hauraki Plains Flat NZTopo50-BC34 253710
Hauraki Point Point NZTopo50-BD32 684169
Hauraki Stream Stream NZTopo50-BE37 807873
Heao Hill NZTopo50-BH32 690669
Heao Stream Stream NZTopo50-BH32 705756
Heao Stream Stream NZTopo50-BH30 300584
Hokianga Harbour Bay NZTopo50-AW27 381806
Hōteo River River NZTopo50-AZ31 374751
Huiarau Range Range NZTopo50-BG40 498135
Huiarau Stream Stream NZTopo50-BG40 513076
Kahikatea Pā Locality NZTopo50-BE40 662692
Kahikatea Range Range NZTopo50-BF40 673431
Kaihū River River NZTopo50-AX28 686349
Kaimanawa Hill NZTopo50-BG37 818243
Kaimanawa Forest Forest NZTopo50-BH37 760764
Kaimanawa Mountains Range NZTopo50-BH36 525581
Kaipara Entrance Channel NZTopo50-AZ29 045692
Kaipara Flats Locality NZTopo50-AZ31 385698
Kaipara Flats Bank NZTopo50-AZ30 247617
Kaipara Harbour Bay NZTopo50-AZ30 090808
Kaipara Head Point NZTopo50-AZ29 015722
Kaipara River River NZTopo50-BA30 291353
Kaipara Stream Stream NZTopo50-BE38 120766
Kaituna Locality NZTopo50-BQ28 666096
Kaituna Bay Bay NZTopo50-AW30 300783
Kaituna River River NZTopo50-BD37 981080
Kaituna River River NZTopo50-BQ28 635218
Kakepuku Hill NZTopo50-BE33 974845
Kaponga Locality NZTopo50-BJ29 989350
Kaupokonui Locality NZTopo50-BJ29 929220
Kaupokonui Stream Stream NZTopo50-BJ29 986359
Kaweka Hill NZTopo50-BJ37 915464
Kaweka Flats Flat NZTopo50-BJ37 955489
Kaweka Range Range NZTopo50-BJ37 910462
Kawhātau River River NZTopo50-BK36 540895
Kiwitea Locality NZTopo50-BL35 320567
Kiwitea Stream Stream NZTopo50-BL35 358693
Kōhī Point Point NZTopo50-BE40 528934
Lake Arapuni Lake NZTopo50-BE35 311753
Lake Ātiamuri Lake NZTopo50-BF36 644471
Lake Matahina Lake NZTopo50-BE39 344738
Lake Mōkeno Lake NZTopo50-AZ29 952770
Lake Ōmāpere Lake NZTopo50-AW28 717882
Lake Ōmāpere Locality NZTopo50-AV28 729911
Lake Ōwhareiti Lake NZTopo50-AW29 856836
Lake Poukawa Lake NZTopo50-BK38 170899
Lake Repongaere Lake NZTopo50-BG43 245167
Lake Rotoaira Lake NZTopo50-BH35 349734
Lake Rotoiti Lake NZTopo50-BS24 866699
Lake Waikare Lake NZTopo50-BC33 945548
Lake Waikareiti Lake NZTopo50-BG40 625066
Lake Waikaremoana Lake NZTopo50-BG40 542009
Lake Waipapa Lake NZTopo50-BF35 346579
Little Oneroa Beach Beach NZTopo50-BA33 801271
Lower Kawhātau Locality NZTopo50-BK35 424925
Māhia Locality NZTopo50-BH43 255621
Māhia Beach Locality NZTopo50-BH43 216625
Māhia Peninsula Peninsula NZTopo50-BJ43 231515
Mākākahi River River NZTopo50-BN35 302999
Mamaku Locality NZTopo50-BE36 700792
Mamaku Plateau Plateau NZTopo50-BE36 690841
Manaia Town NZTopo50-BK29 967215
Manaia Redoubt Site NZTopo50-BK29 977219
Manakau Locality NZTopo50-BN33 872904
Manakau Stream Stream NZTopo50-BN33 864903
Manawatū River River NZTopo50-BM34 148235
Mangaaruhe River River NZTopo50-BH41 784919
Mangaheia River River NZTopo50-BF44 562414
Mangakāhia River River NZTopo50-AW28 772569
Manganui River River NZTopo50-AX29 009192
Manganui River River NZTopo50-BH30 110606
Manganui Stream Stream NZTopo50-BJ28 673431
Manganui Stream Stream NZTopo50-BJ28 753413
Mangaone River River NZTopo50-BJ38 202345
Mangatainoka Locality NZTopo50-BM35 429220
Mangatainoka River River NZTopo50-BN35 296057
Mangatāwhiri Locality NZTopo50-BB33 884792
Mangatāwhiri Crossing Place NZTopo50-BB33 915915
Mangatāwhiri River River NZTopo50-BB33 926860
Mangaweka Locality NZTopo50-BK35 387898
Mangawhero Falls Waterfall NZTopo50-BJ34 157448
Mangawhero River River NZTopo50-BK33 968211
Mangōnui Locality NZTopo50-AU27 486279
Marokopa Falls Waterfall NZTopo50-BF32 620635
Marokopa River River NZTopo50-BF32 626637
Matahina Locality NZTopo50-BE39 313688
Matahina Forest Forest NZTopo50-BF39 298652
Matakana Island Island NZTopo50-BD36 716356
Matakaoa Point Point NZTopo50-BD45 702297
Matakaoa Point Point NZTopo50-BD42 119132
Maunganui Hill NZTopo50-AX29 918232
Maunganui Hill NZTopo50-BA33 890238
Maunganui Hill NZTopo50-AX27 509427
Maunganui Hill NZTopo50-BG39 345147
Maunganui Hill NZTopo50-BF42 069445
Maunganui Bay Bay NZTopo50-AV30 181043
Maunganui Bluff Cliff NZTopo50-AX27 502428
Maunganui Point Point NZTopo50-BA32 789251
Maunganui Point Point NZTopo50-BA35 469457
Maunganui Roads Channel NZTopo50-BD37 806288
Maunganui Stream Stream NZTopo50-BD32 771188
Māwhai Point Point NZTopo50-BF45 699610
Meremere Locality NZTopo50-BC33 833677
Meremere Redoubt Historic site NZTopo50-BC33 834678
Mimi Locality NZTopo50-BH30 257854
Mimi River River NZTopo50-BH31 332898
Mōhakatino Hill NZTopo50-BG32 663058
Mōhakatino River River NZTopo50-BG31 520067
Mōtītī Island Island NZTopo50-BD38 021304
Mōtū Locality NZTopo50-BF42 981559
Mōtū Falls Waterfall NZTopo50-BF42 023565
Mōtū River River NZTopo50-BE42 109716
Motukawanui Island Island NZTopo50-AU29 861271
Motuora Island Island NZTopo50-AZ32 606586
Moturoa Island Island NZTopo50-AU26 318523
Moturoa Islands Island NZTopo50-AU26 333508
Ngunguru Locality NZTopo50-AW31 364562
Ngunguru Bay Bay NZTopo50-AX31 386515
Ngunguru River River NZTopo50-AW30 261554
North Kaweka Hill NZTopo50-BJ37 922478
Nūhaka Locality NZTopo50-BH42 103677
Nūhaka River River NZTopo50-BH42 134799
Ōhaupō Locality NZTopo50-BE33 027006
Ōhingaiti Locality NZTopo50-BL35 316840
Ōhiwa Locality NZTopo50-BE40 654872
Ōhiwa Harbour Bay NZTopo50-BE40 595872
Ōhura Locality NZTopo50-BG32 720990
Ōhura River River NZTopo50-BG32 754030
Ōkato Locality NZTopo50-BH28 760617
Ōmāpere Locality NZTopo50-AW26 353677
Ōmāpere Stream Stream NZTopo50-AW27 360678
Ōmokoroa Locality NZTopo50-BD36 684271
Ōmokoroa Beach Locality NZTopo50-BD36 692309
Ōmokoroa Point Point NZTopo50-BD36 694312
Oneroa Locality NZTopo50-BA32 793273
Oneroa Bay Bay NZTopo50-BA32 799276
Onetangi Locality NZTopo50-BA33 855264
Onetangi Bay Bay NZTopo50-BA33 851271
Ōpūrehu River River NZTopo50-AV27 513069
Ōraka Stream Stream NZTopo50-BE35 437882
Ōtāne Locality NZTopo50-BL38 102775
Ōwhango Locality NZTopo50-BH34 060806
Pāhaoa Locality NZTopo50-BQ34 271139
Paengaroa Locality NZTopo50-BD38 004085
Papamoa Hill NZTopo50-BE41 924700
Papamoa Locality NZTopo50-BD37 906191
Papamoa Stream Stream NZTopo50-BE41 941705
Pārengarenga Harbour Bay NZTopo50-AT25 941804
Pārengarenga Pā Historic Site NZTopo50-AT25 971802
Pātea Dam Facility NZTopo50-BK31 348215
Pātea River River NZTopo50-BJ30 269325
Piako River River NZTopo50-BD34 235367
Pirongia Locality NZTopo50-BE33 934927
Pirongia Hill NZTopo50-BE33 842929
Pirongia Mountain Hill NZTopo50-BE33 835931
Pōkaiwhenua Stream Stream NZTopo50-BE35 441750
Port Awanui Locality NZTopo50-BE45 795994
Poukawa Locality NZTopo50-BK38 195922
Poukawa Stream Stream NZTopo50-BK38 221950
Pourewa Island Island NZTopo50-BF44 669381
Pūniu River River NZTopo50-BE34 195762
Pureora Hill NZTopo50-BG35 291298
Pureora Locality NZTopo50-BF34 227338
Purerua Locality NZTopo50-AV29 945094
Purerua Peninsula Peninsula NZTopo50-AV29 966111
Rangaunu Bay Bay NZTopo50-AU26 236458
Rangaunu Harbour Bay NZTopo50-AU26 251326
Rangitīkei River River NZTopo50-BK36 610070
Rātana Locality NZTopo50-BL33 856656
Raukūmara Hill NZTopo50-BD44 516081
Raukūmara Range Range NZTopo50-BE43 215771
Raumati Locality NZTopo50-BM36 679464
Raumati Stream Stream NZTopo50-BK33 858046
Repongaere Stream Stream NZTopo50-BG43 247192
Rongotea Locality NZTopo50-BM34 061369
Rotoaira Forest Forest NZTopo50-BH34 234824
Ruahine Locality NZTopo50-BL35 479851
Ruahine Range Range NZTopo50-BL36 635669
Ruakituri Locality NZTopo50-BG41 829994
Ruakituri River River NZTopo50-BG41 774083
Ruawai Locality NZTopo50-AY29 921004
Rūnanga Lake Lake NZTopo50-BK38 182124
Rūnanga Pā Locality NZTopo50-BK38 190141
Taihape Town NZTopo50-BK35 399043
Tākaka Locality NZTopo50-BP24 838779
Tākaka Hill Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BP25 889579
Tākaka River River NZTopo50-BP24 849618
Takapau Locality NZTopo50-BL37 858639
Takapau Hill NZTopo50-BL37 872625
Takapau Plains Flat NZTopo50-BL37 854642
Tākou Bay Locality NZTopo50-AV29 844151
Tākou Bay Bay NZTopo50-AV29 874164
Tākou Stream Stream NZTopo50-AV28 817139
Tāmaki Suburb NZTopo50-BA32 660156
Tāmaki Strait Channel NZTopo50-BA33 828195
Tāngarākau Locality NZTopo50-BH32 609796
Tāngarākau Gorge Valley NZTopo50-BH32 604842
Tāngarākau River River NZTopo50-BH32 625753
Tangimoana Locality NZTopo50-BM33 910370
Tangimoana Forest Forest NZTopo50-BM33 899320
Tapuaeroa River River NZTopo50-BE44 545968
Tauhoa Locality NZTopo50-AZ30 303732
Tauhoa Channel Channel NZTopo50-AZ30 138696
Tauhoa River River NZTopo50-AZ30 267742
Taupiri Locality NZTopo50-BD33 933347
Taupiri Hill NZTopo50-BD33 930360
Taupiri Range Range NZTopo50-BC33 955405
Tauranga Taupō River River NZTopo50-BH36 630757
Tawhiti Rahi Island Island NZTopo50-AW32 577753
Te Ārai River River NZTopo50-BG42 191991
Te Karaka Locality NZTopo50-BF43 245310
Te Karaka Point Point NZTopo50-BF44 658416
Tīraumea Locality NZTopo50-BN36 576979
Tīraumea River River NZTopo50-BN35 441077
Tīraumea Stream Stream NZTopo50-BN36 571983
Tokaanu Locality NZTopo50-BH35 396835
Tokaanu Bay Bay NZTopo50-BH35 403849
Tokaanu Stream Stream NZTopo50-BH35 395836
Tokaanu Tailrace Canal Canal NZTopo50-BH35 405831
Tokomaru Locality NZTopo50-BM34 128169
Tokomaru No. 3 Reservoir Lake NZTopo50-BN34 100041
Tokomaru River River NZTopo50-BN34 148138
Tongapōrutu Locality NZTopo50-BG31 387020
Tongapōrutu River River NZTopo50-BH31 464939
Tukituki River River NZTopo50-BL38 130687
Tukituki River North Branch River NZTopo50-BL36 681799
Turakina Locality NZTopo50-BL33 889647
Turakina River River NZTopo50-BK34 132868
Upper Ātiamuri Locality NZTopo50-BF36 628500
Upper Kawhātau Locality NZTopo50-BK36 525888
Upper Mangatāwhiri Dam Facility NZTopo50-BB33 915933
Upper Mangatāwhiri Reservoir Lake NZTopo50-BB33 915943
Upper Tākaka Locality NZTopo50-BP24 851580
Waewaepā Range Range NZTopo50-BM36 590181
Waiapu River River NZTopo50-BE45 717000
Waiapu Stream Stream NZTopo50-BE44 583805
Waiaua Bay Bay NZTopo50-AV29 848199
Waiaua Fork Stream Stream NZTopo50-BJ29 852441
Waiaua River River NZTopo50-BJ28 802385
Waiaua Stream Stream NZTopo50-AU27 499310
Waiaua Stream Stream NZTopo50-AV28 836209
Waiaua Stream Stream NZTopo50-BH28 771675
Waihāhā Locality NZTopo50-BG35 387102
Waihāhā River River NZTopo50-BG35 281133
Waihōpai Hill NZTopo50-BR27 556001
Waihōpai Dam Facility NZTopo50-BR27 476873
Waihōpai River River NZTopo50-BR27 399819
Waihou Locality NZTopo50-BC35 362381
Waihua Locality NZTopo50-BH40 705651
Waihua River River NZTopo50-BH40 638726
Waihuka River River NZTopo50-BF42 063324
Waikareiti Forest Forest NZTopo50-BG40 711114
Waikaremoana Locality NZTopo50-BG40 611023
Waikaretāheke River River NZTopo50-BH40 654887
Waikawa Locality NZTopo50-BQ29 870306
Waikawa Bay Bay NZTopo50-BQ29 880323
Waikawa Point Point NZTopo50-BD42 170191
Waikawa Stream Stream NZTopo50-BQ29 868289
Waikohu Hill NZTopo50-BF42 123402
Waikohu River River NZTopo50-BF42 124362
Waimā Locality NZTopo50-AW27 533726
Waimā River River NZTopo50-AW27 558784
Waimā River River NZTopo50-AX27 564492
Waimā Valley Locality NZTopo50-AW27 545743
Waingaromia River River NZTopo50-BF43 337472
Waingongoro River River NZTopo50-BJ30 107362
Waipā River River NZTopo50-BE33 935750
Waipaoa River River NZTopo50-BF43 264301
Waipapa Locality NZTopo50-BF35 351582
Waipapa River River NZTopo50-BF35 311479
Waipiro Bay Locality NZTopo50-BE45 682786
Waipiro Bay Bay NZTopo50-BE45 704787
Waipiro Stream Stream NZTopo50-BE44 674788
Waipunga Falls Waterfall NZTopo50-BH38 054822
Waipunga River River NZTopo50-BH38 091752
Wairau Bar Locality NZTopo50-BR29 881049
Wairau Creek Stream NZTopo50-BA32 575296
Wairau Creek Stream NZTopo50-BA31 484160
Wairau Diversion Canal NZTopo50-BQ28 839116
Wairau Gorge Valley NZTopo50-BS25 930434
Wairau Lagoon Lake NZTopo50-BH41 895682
Wairau Pā Locality NZTopo50-BQ28 824088
Wairau River River NZTopo50-BR26 179891
Wairau River River NZTopo50-AW27 410605
Wairau River River NZTopo50-AY30 238007
Wairau Stream Stream NZTopo50-BH28 825684
Wairau Stream Stream NZTopo50-AW30 214542
Wairau Stream Stream NZTopo50-BF40 489498
Wairoa Hill NZTopo50-BH41 783691
Wairoa Locality NZTopo50-BD36 724213
Wairoa Town NZTopo50-BH41 829693
Wairoa Pā Locality NZTopo50-BD36 734236
Wairoa River River NZTopo50-AX28 799225
Wairoa River River NZTopo50-BD36 717187
Wairoa River River NZTopo50-BH41 830813
Wairua Falls Waterfall NZTopo50-AX29 981437
Wairua River River NZTopo50-AX29 023513
Waitārere Locality NZTopo50-BN33 862089
Waitematā Harbour Bay NZTopo50-BA31 502229
Waitoa Locality NZTopo50-BD35 321351
Waitoa Canal Canal NZTopo50-BC34 236508
Waitoa River River NZTopo50-BD35 358253
Waitōtara Locality NZTopo50-BK31 485923
Waitōtara River River NZTopo50-BK32 578147
Waiuku Town NZTopo50-BB31 532760
Waiuku Channel Channel NZTopo50-BB31 487985
Waiuku Forest Forest NZTopo50-BC31 528632
Waiuku River River NZTopo50-BB31 518827
Waiuku Stream Stream NZTopo50-BB31 543758
West Tāmaki Head Point NZTopo50-BA32 672205
Whakapapa Glacier Glacier NZTopo50-BJ34 207501
Whakapapa Island Island NZTopo50-BH34 090874
Whakapapa River River NZTopo50-BH34 073750
Whakapapa Village Locality NZTopo50-BJ34 193579
Whangamarino Locality NZTopo50-BC33 873644
Whangamarino Redoubt Historic Site NZTopo50-BC33 828707
Whangamarino River River NZTopo50-BC33 890658
Whangamōmona Locality NZTopo50-BH31 500657
Whangamōmona River River NZTopo50-BH31 532581
Whangamōmona Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BH31 469646
Whangapē Locality NZTopo50-AW26 200896
Whangapē Harbour Bay NZTopo50-AW26 204852
Whangaroa Locality NZTopo50-AV28 677209
Whangaroa Bay Bay NZTopo50-AU28 705288
Whangaroa Harbour Bay NZTopo50-AV28 668206
Whangaruru Locality NZTopo50-AW30 205876
Whangaruru Bay Bay NZTopo50-AW30 234822
Whangaruru Harbour Bay NZTopo50-AW30 218866
Whangaruru North Locality NZTopo50-AW30 221881
Whangaruru South Locality NZTopo50-AW30 221834
Wharekōpae Locality NZTopo50-BG41 916247
Wharekōpae Hill NZTopo50-BF42 003314
Wharekōpae River River NZTopo50-BG42 062229
Whenuakura Locality NZTopo50-BK30 305005
Whenuakura River River NZTopo50-BK31 407202

Dated at Wellington this 16th day of July 2020.

W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.