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Land Notices
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Classification of a Reserve—Inland Pukearuhe Domain Recreation and Local Purpose

Under section 16(1) of the Reserves Act 1977, acting under an instrument of delegation from the Minister of Conservation and pursuant to a resolution dated 30 July 2019, the New Plymouth District Council classifies the reserve in the First Schedule for recreation reserve purposes to form part of the Pukearuhe Domain Recreation Reserve and the land in the Second Schedule as a local purpose (community purposes) reserve.

Taranaki Land District—New Plymouth District

First Schedule

Pukearuhe Domain Recreation Reserve
1.7300 Section 64 Pukearuhe District (part Record of Title 853646)

Second Schedule

Pukearuhe Domain Local Purpose (Community Purposes) Reserve
2023 Lot 10 DP 3166 (part Record of Title 853646)

Dated at New Plymouth this 17th day of March 2020.

CRAIG RANDALL STEVENSON, Principal Administrative Officer, New Plymouth District Council.

(NPDC ID 365, 369)