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Incorporated Societies
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Notice of Direction for the Disposition of the Surplus Assets of a Dissolved Incorporated Society

Pursuant to Section 27 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 (“Act”)

Incorporated Society No.: 221528

Take notice that the Registrar of Incorporated Societies (“Registrar”) has, following the application of the University of Auckland under section 27(3) of the Act for surplus assets of the Society which was dissolved by the Registrar on 24 February 2016, directed that:

  1. the Society’s surplus assets being an estate in fee simple in all the land containing 1148m2, more or less, being, 53 Whatipu Road, Huia, Auckland, comprised in Record of Title NA812/86 North Auckland Registry, Lot 6 on Deposited Plan 27798, including a building known as the Huia Property (“Property”); and
  2. all chattels within the Property;

be vested in Auckland University Students Association Incorporated 221373.

The Registrar further directs that:

  1. Auckland University Students Association Incorporated 221373 sell the Property as soon as practicable and from the proceeds of sale:
    1. Pay all debts, costs and liabilities in relation to the dissolution of the Society;
    2. Pay all debts, costs and liabilities of the Society, including the costs of the sale of the Property; and
    3. Distribute the net balance to The University of Auckland Foundation 1263735 pursuant to the terms of a gift agreement. The terms of that gift agreement will be in accordance with the objects of the Society.
  2. The University of Auckland will act as agent for the Auckland University Students Association Incorporated 221373 in the sale process of the Huia Property.

These directions shall become final on 6 April 2020. No appeal shall lie unless notice thereof is delivered before that date.

Dated this 28th day of February 2020.

MICHAEL BROSNAHAN, Assistant Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

Address for Delivery of Appeals: The Registrar of Incorporated Societies, Level 1, 162 Victoria Street West, Auckland 1010.