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Notice of Vesting of Property—Section 324 of the Companies Act 1993—Various Companies

I, Vincent Peter Schumacher, Senior Solicitor, acting under delegated authority from the Secretary to the Treasury, hereby give notice that on 16 October 2020 I first became aware that the Crown was vested under section 324(1) of the Companies Act 1993 (by virtue of the removal of the companies listed in the table below from the Register of Companies) with the rights to funds held by Lab-Plas (N.Z.) Limited (in liquidation).

Removed Company Name Date of Removal
1st Locksmith Limited 16/11/1999
Allied Work Force Limited 1/04/2010
Amante Limited 31/01/2014
Amar Stationery Limited 11/04/2008
Budden Group Limited 25/02/2014
Cardan Investments Limited 15/04/2004
Cavalier Travel Services Limited 13/06/2012
Caverhill Holdings Limited 13/01/1998
Cayal Holdings Limited 31/03/2003
CE Auckland Limited 04/11/2008
Ceelon Plastics Limited 31/07/2000
Chestnut Charlie’s Limited 20/07/2012
Ciba-Geigy New Zealand Limited 1/04/1997
Clariant Colour New Zealand Limited 15/10/1998
Drake Personnel (New Zealand) Limited 23/10/2007
Elite Engineering Limited 25/01/2006
L & Co Limited 7/11/1997
MacTay Limited 31/03/2001
Maersk Line UK Limited 7/12/2006
New Zealand Express International Limited 07/05/1999
Onehunga Plumbers Limited 17/11/2011
Orca Bay Limited 18/03/2016
PES Limited 08/09/2006
Ranfurly Holdings Limited 12/09/2006
Rudd Holdings Limited 20/06/2001
Safety Inspection Services Limited 19/01/2006
Tele Pacific Networks Limited 20/11/2001
Tyco New Zealand Limited 30/04/1997
Vero Marine Insurance Limited 20/06/2008
Ward Hill Limited 27/02/2008
Witney Investments Limited 31/03/2009

Dated at Wellington this 15th day of October 2020.