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Marriage Celebrants for 2020 Notice No. 58

Pursuant to the provisions of section 11 of the Marriage Act 1955, the following names of marriage celebrants within the meaning of the said Act are published for general information:

Airay, Michelle Manuel

Bowry, Casie

Bryant, Amanda

Butcher, Haley

Clifford, Tracy

Davies, Elizabeth

Devereux, Charlotte

Dimond, Cheryl

Doesburg, Wendy

Dugdale, Kirsty

Edhouse, Emma

Edwards, Lisa

Fisk, Catherine

Forbes, Nathan

Gadekar, Rashi

Henderson, Nina

Herbert, Colene

Hill, Liv

Humphreys, Henry

Jennings, John

Jessop, Victoria

King, Louise

King, Tracy

Latham, Danielle

Magueflor, Markus

Marley, Sammi

Mckenzie, Dave

Mcknight, Amelia

Newburry, Joanna

Orton, James

Percival, Adam

Price, Haley

Ricketts, Greer

Robinson, Carol

Robinson, Maree

Singh, Harjinder

Spargo, Stephen

Spearman, Elaine

Stringer, Jamie

Stuart, Nicky

Sutton, Shaun

Tangiora, Hami

Turner, Leash

Van De Rheede, Norma Jean

Whipp, Kim

Woodham, Tom

Wren, Anne

Wright, Jason

Young, Hannah

Dated at Wellington this 6th day of August 2020.

JEFF MONTGOMERY, Registrar-General.