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Special Direction—Waiver of the Requirement for a Transit Visa to Travel to and be in New Zealand as a Transit Passenger

Pursuant to section 86(4)(a) of the Immigration Act 2009, by special direction, the following persons are classified as persons to whom a transit visa waiver applies. Any person who is to travel to and be in New Zealand as a transit passenger only, and who is:

  1. a citizen of, or a foreign national ordinarily resident in, Chile; and
  2. their immediate family (partners, spouses, dependent children under the age of 24 and legal guardians), travelling with the citizen of, or foreign national ordinarily resident in, Chile, and
  3. whose immediate or ultimate destination after transiting through New Zealand is Chile.

This special direction expires on 19 June 2020, unless cancelled earlier.

Dated this 11th day of April 2020.

Hon IAIN LEES-GALLOWAY, Minister of Immigration.