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Marriage Celebrants for 2016 Notice No. 26

Pursuant to the provisions of section 11 of the Marriage Act 1955, the following names of marriage celebrants within the meaning of the said Act are published for general information:

Anderson, Antonia

Anglesey, Lissie

Cartmell, Helen

Cowie, Jo

Davey, Leah

Dohi, Donna-Louise

Dolan, Geoffrey

Eaton, Lauren

Eder, Ben

Goddin, Jim

Gurr, Amanda

Haddock, Steve

Hobbs, Sarah

Knox, Anne

Mead, Kristen

Millan, Josh

Montgomery, James

Muir, Brittany

Page, Catherine

Parata, Bailey

Pardoe, Justine

Pue, Elijah-Tyrone

Roodbeen-Old, Mckenize

Shapcott, Anne

Sherley, Jan

Steentjes, Dot

Sutherland, Lisa

Thomson, Bryan

Wakefield, Abbey

Winder, Virginia

Yuen, Simon

Dated at Wellington this 2nd day of April 2020.

JEFF MONTGOMERY, Registrar-General.