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Corrigendum—Fisheries (Seabird Mitigation Measures—Surface Longlines) Circular (No 2) 2019 (Notice No. MPI 1111)

In the notice with the above title, published in the New Zealand Gazette, 8 January 2020, Notice No. 2020-go30, the wording of clause 4 is incorrect. The correct wording for clause 4 is

4. Restrictions on use of surface longlines without hook-shielding devices

An operator or master of a vessel must not set a surface longline in New Zealand fisheries waters without using a hook-shielding device, unless at all times when the line is set, a streamer line that complies with clauses 6 to 8 is used, and either:

  1. the line is not set during the period of time between half an hour before nautical dawn and half an hour after nautical dusk on the same day; or
  2. the line is weighted in accordance with clause 5.