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General Notices
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Public Notice Pursuant to Sections 316 and 317 of the Property Law Act 2007

  1. MARRINER PROPERTY LIMITED has made an application to the High Court, Christchurch Registry (CIV-2020-409-131) seeking orders to extinguish a right of way in gross created by transfer 198838 over the land marked B on DP 76630 at 11 Marriner Street, Sumner, Christchurch (“Easement”), created in 1930 for the benefit of Fletcher Humphreys and Company Limited and George Humphreys.
  2. If you consider you may have a legal interest or entitlement in the Easement, by way of succession or assignment from Mr Humphreys, or otherwise, you must give notice to join the proceeding within 10 working days of this notice.
  3. To obtain further information please contact the applicant’s solicitors at Buddle Findlay, Level 4, 83 Victoria Street, Christchurch 8013, or PO Box 322, Christchurch 8140 (Attention: Annie Cao at