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Electricity Industry (Exemption No. 296 (Vector Metering Limited)) Exemption Notice 2020

In accordance with section 11 of the Electricity Industry Act 2010 (“Act”), the Electricity Authority gives the following notice.


1. Title and Commencement

(1) This notice is the Electricity Industry (Exemption No. 296 Vector Metering Limited) Exemption Notice 2020.

(2) This notice comes into force on the day after the date it is notified in the New Zealand Gazette

2. Exemption

(1) Vector Metering Limited (“Vector Metering”) is exempted from the complying with the obligation in clause 4(2)(a) of Schedule 10.7 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (“Code”) to not to use subtraction to determine submission information.

(2) This exemption applies only to ICP 0000840407WE388.

3. Term

This exemption expires on the earlier of:

  1. the close of 30 June 2025; and
  2. the date when; Meridian Energy Limited is no longer in the registry as being the trader for ICP0000840407WE388; and
  3. the date when Vector Metering is no longer recorded in the registry as being the Metering Equipment Provider for ICP 0000011015WEC04 or ICP 0000011055WEEA1; and
  4. the date when Meridian Energy Limited no longer has an agreement with any retailer of ICP 0000015182WE1AD, ICP 0000025029WEF4E or ICP 0003146175WE243 to receive half hour metered data required in the subtraction calculation for ICP 0000840407WE388; and
  5. the date on which the metering or distribution configuration is changed so that submission information no longer needs to be calculated by a subtractive process.

4. Reasons for Granting the Exemption

The reasons for granting this exemption are:

  1. deriving the submission information from the metering installations by subtraction is as accurate as it would be if it was derived using directly metered data; and
  2. significant metering costs will otherwise be incurred that would outweigh any benefit resulting from compliance; and
  3. the exemption will allow Meridian Energy Limited to continue to use subtraction to determine submission information; and
  4. Vector Metering cannot comply with the obligation in clause 4(2)(a) of Schedule 10.7 of the Code until Meridian Energy Limited provides new metering installations at Rotowaro mine; and
  5. the exemption will have no impact on any other participant or service provider, and will not affect any other Code provision; and
  6. granting the requested exemption meets the requirements in section 11(2) of the Act.

Dated at Wellington this 2nd day of December 2020.

For and on behalf of the Electricity Authority:
ALLAN DAWSON, Member, Electricity Authority.