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Notification of Amendment to the Fibre Input Methodologies Determination 2020 [2020] NZCC 21

The Commerce Commission (“Commission”) gives notice that it has amended the Fibre Input Methodologies Determination 2020 [2020] NZCC 21 (“IM determination”) in accordance with section 181 of the Telecommunications Act 2001 (“Act”).

Summary of the Amendments

The amendments have been published in the Fibre Input Methodologies (initial value of financial loss asset) Amendment Determination 2020 [2020] NZCC 24 (“amendment determination”).

The amendment determination:

  • inserts text into Schedule B of the IM determination, specifying the methodology for determining the initial value of the financial loss asset;
  • makes consequential amendments to the following input methodologies (IMs) in the IM determination:
    • the asset valuation IM in Subpart 2 of Part 2 and Subpart 3 of Part 3; and
    • the taxation IM in Subpart 3 of Part 2; and
  • makes consequential changes to the interpretation section in clause 1.1.4(2) of the IM determination.

Further Information

A copy of the amendment determination and the accompanying reasons paper is available on the Commission’s website: