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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
Notice Title

Notification of Exemptions From Land Transport Rules

Pursuant to section 166(3) of the Land Transport Act 1998, the NZ Transport Agency gives notice that the following exemptions from the stated Land Transport Rules were granted under sections 166 of that Act between 1 April 2020 and 30 June 2020:

Nature of Exemption Number of Exemptions

Driver Licensing 1999 (Rule 91001)

Clause 15(b)—requirements to obtain learner licence 6
Clause 17(b)—requirements to obtain restricted licence 30
Clause 18—conditions of restricted licence 111
Clause 19(b)—requirements to obtain full licence 3
Clause 21(b)—requirement to provide a certificate of approved course issued within 60 days of application for obtaining a dangerous goods endorsement 134
Clause 27(1)(b)—person has held a New Zealand full licence for two years before obtaining passenger endorsement 100
Clause 29(c)—person has successfully completed approved course before obtaining special-type endorsement 12
Clause 38(2)—minimum visual acuity to obtain driver licence or endorsement 12
Clause 44(2)—medical certificate to be issued within 60 days before the date it is produced 444
Clause 89(2)(c)—overseas driver licence conversion: practical driving test 3
Clause 89(2)(d)—overseas driver licence conversion: production of overseas driver licence 31
Schedule 3—class 6 driver licence 5

Frontal Impact 2001 (Rule 32006)

Clause 2.4(2)—airbag and its operating system must not be removed from a motor vehicle or rendered inoperable


Fuel Consumption Information 2008 (Rule 33020)

Clause 2.2(2)—requirement to provide fuel consumption information


Head Restraints 2001 (Rule 32010)

Clause 2.1—requirements for head restraints fitted in a motor vehicle


Clause 2.3(1)—head restraint must comply with approved vehicles standard


Clause 2.3(3)—approved vehicle standards include amendments to standards


Heavy-vehicle Brakes 2006 (Rule 32015)

Clause 2.5(1)—compliance with approved vehicle standard 6
Schedule 5—New Zealand heavy-vehicle brake specification 3

Heavy Vehicles 2004 (Rule 31002)

Clause 4.4(5)—towbar must comply with NZS 5467 2
Clause 4.5(1)—drawbar must comply with NZS 5446 2
Clause 4.5(2)—requirements for drawbar fitted to a vehicle certified before 1 February 1989 5

Light-vehicle Brakes 2002 (Rule 32014)

Clause 2.1(3)—specified vehicles must be fitted with an electronic stability control system


Operator Licensing 2017 (Rule 81001)

Clause 3.2(1)—requirement to display current driver identification card when operating small passenger service vehicle 2
Clause 2.5—requirements for issuing and displaying a transport service licence card where person operates certain service vehicles under a valid transport service licence 302
Clause 2.6—requirements for holder of transport service licence to ensure transport service licence card is displayed and what is required to be displayed 302

Passenger Service Vehicles 1999 (Rule 31001)

Clause 2.2(1)(b)—safety devices preventing doors from being opened from inside vehicle must be removed or permanently deactivated


Clause 2.2(1)(c)—doors not controlled by the driver must be able to be opened from both inside and outside, except when occupant locks the doors


Road User Rule 2004

Clause 1.8—general exceptions to breaching the rule


Seatbelts and Seatbelt Anchorages 2002 (Rule 32011)

Clause 4.2(2)—seatbelt may be repaired only by the seatbelt manufacturer or the manufacturer’s agent


Steering Systems 2001 (Rule 32003)

Clause 2.5—left-hand drive vehicles


Part 2 of Part 3 Schedule—Left-hand drive vehicle permits, requirement not to sell or lease the vehicle within four years


Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016 (Rule 41001)

Clause 6.6(1)—specialist vehicles may exceed certain dimension limits if requirements are met


Clause 6.8(1)(b)—overdimension vehicles must comply with certain route restrictions


Clause 6.21(2)—travel time restrictions for category 1 vehicles


Clause 6.22(3)—travel time restrictions for category 2 vehicles


Clause 6.22(3)(a)(ii)—requirement for motor vehicle travel times on Saturdays or Sundays


Clause 6.23(2)—travel time restrictions for category 3 vehicles in city area


Clause 6.23(2)(g)—requirement for vehicle travel times on Sundays


Clause 6.23(3)(c)—requirement for vehicle not to travel in province on provincial anniversary holiday


Clause 6.24(2)—travel time restriction for category 3 vehicles outside city area


Clause 6.24(3)(b)—travel time restriction for category 3 vehicles outside city area on national public holidays


Clause 6.25(1)—travel time restrictions for category 4 vehicles inside zone 1


Clause 6.25(2)(c)—travel time restrictions for vehicles on Wednesdays inside zone 1


Clause 6.25(2)(f)—requirement for vehicles to not travel on Saturdays inside zone 1


Clause 6.25(2)(g)—travel time restrictions for category 4 vehicles on Sundays inside zone 1


Clause 6.34(1)—category 2A or 2B vehicles must be escorted by at least one class 2 pilot during the day


Vehicle Equipment 2004 (Rule 32017)

Clause 2.2—motor vehicle must be fitted with speedometer


Vehicle Lighting 2004 (Rule 32005)

Clause 3.2(5)—vehicle’s main-beam headlamp must meet certain requirements


Vehicle Repair 1998 (Rule 34001)

Clause 2.2(5)—individual components or items of equipment used in a repair must be such that the system complies with approved vehicle standard


Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002 (Rule 35001)

Clause 4.2—inspection requirements 18
Clause 4.3—information to be recorded 18
Clause 7.2—vehicle may not be certified for operation in service in certain situations 6
Clause 7.5—circumstances and requirements for specialist inspection and certification 3