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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notice of Exemption From the Maritime Rules

Pursuant to section 47(3) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994, the Director of Maritime New Zealand hereby notifies the granting of the following exemptions from the Maritime Rules during the period 22 July 2020 to 16 September 2020 inclusive:

Rule Rule Part Summary Total
Operating Procedures and Training 23.36(6)(c) Watertight integrity from the ro-ro deck to spaces below – all accesses from the ro-ro deck and vehicle ramps are closed and remain closed 1
Crewing and Watchkeeping 31.25(1) Duty of crew to hold certificates and to be able to demonstrate ancillary proficiencies – specific certificate or endorsement and specific ancillary proficiency 3
31.43(1)(a)-(b) SOLAS and STCW ships - Unlimited area – requirements for ships operating in unlimited areas to carry at least navigational and engine room watchkeepers as specified 1
31.44 SOLAS and STCW ships – Coastal and offshore limits – ships operating beyond restricted limits but within coastal limits or offshore limits must carry navigational or engine room watchkeepers 1
Seafarer Certification 32.10(1) Requirement to hold certificate and associated endorsements – no person may operate commercial ships, exercise privileges, or hold himself or herself out to be person entitled to exercise the privileges 3
32.12(1)(c) Issue of certificates and prescribed endorsements – relevant competency and training standard – in relation to Table 3: Table of requirements for SRL 1
32.42, Table 3 Skipper restricted limits – certificate of competency – Table 3: Table of requirements for SRL – sea service 1
32.62(2) Skipper restricted limits endorsed to 500 GT – completion of approved sea service and any assessment passed 1
Approval of Training for Purposes of Part 32, Assessments and Examinations, and Industry Specific Certificates 35.28 Requirement to hold Examiner certificate – in relation to examinations required by the Director under rule 32.17(1) for applicants for recognition of a foreign Master certificate 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Passenger ships which are not SOLAS ships Design, Construction and Equipment – Passenger ships which are not SOLAS ships 40A.3(1) Application of this Part to every New Zealand ship that is a passenger ship that does not proceed beyond restricted limits; or is less than 45 metres in length and does not proceed beyond the offshore limit 1
40A.21(1)(a), Table 40A.3 Provision of toilet facilities for unberthed passengers on ships not proceeding beyond the coastal limits – in relation to 51 to 100 passengers 1
40A.56(1) Owner and master of a ship must ensure life-saving appliances are provided in accordance with requirements of Appendix 4 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – SOLAS Ships 40B.7(1)(b) Compliance with intact stability requirements of Part B-1 of Chapter II-1 of SOLAS. 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – SOLAS Ships 40B.17 Passengers ships – fire appliances that comply with all applicable requirements of Chapter II-2 of SOLAS 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Non-passenger Ships that are not SOLAS Ships 40C.12(3)(a) Subdivision – Doorways and other access openings must not be fitted in the collision bulkhead below the freeboard deck 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Novel Ships 40G.6(2)(b) Issuance of initial certificate of fitness if ship’s design has been approved by surveyor or classification society 1
40G.7 Annual Survey of the ship and its equipment 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Fishing Ships 40D.13(2), Table 2 Weathertight doors – height above deck of sills in doorways, companionways, superstructure and machinery casings exposed to weather and sea must be as given in Table 2 – specifically ship length 24 metres or more, minimum sill height on working deck 600 mm, minimum sill height on superstructure deck 300 mm 1
40D.18(2) Air pipes – height requirements of air pipes above deck – working deck 760mm and superstructure deck 450mm – in any ship 12 metres or more in length 1
Safety Equipment – Life-Saving Appliances Performance, Maintenance and Servicing 42A.14(2) SOLAS rescue boats - requirements of the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee circular MSC/Circ.809 Recommendation for Canopied Reversible Liferafts, Automatically Self- Righting Liferafts and Fast Rescue Boats, Including Testing, on Ro-Ro Passenger Ships adopted at its 68th session, 1997 1
Surveys, Certification and Maintenance 46.11(1) Inspection of the outside of the ship's bottom must be undertaken with the ship out of the water 1
Load lines 47.8(2)(a) Compliance with Section and the provisions of Articles 2, 3, 7, 10 to 15, Annex I and Annex II of the Load Line Convention – in relation to ICLL Annex 1, Regulations 14-1(a) and (b) and 18(4) 1
Compliance with Section and the provisions of Articles 2, 3, 7, 10 to 15, Annex I and Annex II of the Load Line Convention – in relation to ICLL Annex 1, Regulations 39(1) and (2) and 18(4) 1
47.65(1)(a) Conditions of assignment - Deck sills in doorways or deckhouses height requirements 1
47.65(2) Conditions of assignment – Height from deck of coamings must be of substantial construction 1
Commercial Jet Boat Operations – River 82.41(1), Appendix 2, 2.17(2) Commercial jet boat standards – provision of personal flotation devices – type 401, 402, or 406 specialist PFD 1