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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notice of Exemption From the Maritime Rules

Pursuant to section 47(3) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994, the Director of Maritime New Zealand hereby notifies the granting of the following exemptions from the Maritime Rules dated 5 August 2020, exempting the owner of any ship with anchors, chain cables, and accessories subject to Parts 40A, 40C, 40D and 40E of the Maritime Rules, only in relation to the requirements in maritime rules 41.4 (anchors) and 41.5 (chain cables and accessories):

Rule Rule Part Summary Total
Design, Construction and Equipment – Passenger Ships which are not SOLAS Ships 40A.60 Testing and marking requirements – anchors of more than 75kgs and chain cables of 12.5mm diameter or more 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Non-passenger Ships that are not SOLAS Ships 40C.56 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Fishing Ships 40D.73 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Sailing Ships 40E.57 1