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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notice of Exemptions From the Maritime Rules

Pursuant to section 47(3) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994, the Director of Maritime New Zealand hereby notifies the granting of the following exemptions from the Maritime Rules for the period 16 July 2020 to 24 August 2020 inclusive:

Rule Rule Part Summary Total
Maritime Transport Operator – Certification and Responsibilities 19.3 Requirement to hold Maritime Transport Operator Certificate 4
19.41 Maritime Transport Operator Plan requirements 4
19.42(1) Develop and document maritime transport operator safety system in the Maritime Transport Operator Plan 4
19.43(1) Develop and apply a survey plan 4
19.45(1) Develop and apply a maintenance plan 4
19.46(1) Develop relevant safety equipment list and spare parts list 4
19.62(1) No person may operate or permit the operation of a ship in the maritime transport operation unless the ship has a valid Certificate of Survey issued under rule 44.41 5
19.63 Survey requirements 2
Crewing and Watchkeeping 31.84(2)(b)(i) Seafarers on board passenger or non-passenger ships hold minimum requirement certificates and prescribed endorsements 2
31.84(4)(b), Table 11, less than 24m Applicable tables and flow-charts for passenger ships less than 24 metres in length operating within enclosed water limits – Master SRL < 24m with passenger endorsement 2
Design, Construction and Equipment – Passenger ships which are not SOLAS ships 40A.33 Petrol inboard and outboard engines requirements 2
40A.55, Appendix 3, 3.3, restricted limit ships Fire-fighting appliances - requirements under Appendix 3.3 for ships that proceed in restricted limits 2
40A.56, Appendix 4, 3.3, restricted limit ships Life-saving appliances - requirements under Appendix 4.3 for ships that proceed in restricted limits 2