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Allocation of Broadcasting Money for the 2020 General Election

The deadline by which political parties must give written notice to the Electoral Commission of eligibility for an allocation of broadcasting money under the Broadcasting Act 1989 for the 2020 General Election is 5.00pm, Friday 28 February 2020.

The Broadcasting Act 1989 (“Act”), describes the responsibilities of the Electoral Commission (“Commission”) to allocate to eligible political parties the money that is appropriated by Parliament for the purpose of funding the broadcast of election programmes and internet advertising during the election period.

Eligibility for allocation of broadcasting money

The Commission must not allocate any money to a political party under section 79 of the Act, in respect of an election period unless:

  1. the party has given the Commission written notice by 5.00pm, 28 February 2020 that the party considers itself eligible for an allocation of money under section 79; and
  2. the party is registered with the Commission at the time Parliament is dissolved. 

What the notice must contain

In accordance with section 76, a notice of qualification given to the Commission must state:

  1. the full name of the political party; and
  2. the contact details of the person providing the notice and the capacity in which he or she provides the notice; and
  3. the contact details of the party secretary, where the person providing the notice is not the party secretary of the political party; and
  4. a statement that:
    1. the party is registered on the Register of Political Parties; or
    2. the party has applied for registration on the Register of Political Parties; or
    3. the party intends to apply for registration on the Register of Political Parties so as to be registered at the date of dissolution or expiry of Parliament; and
  5. details of any relationships that may exist between the party and any other party in New Zealand that the Commission may need to take into account in allocating money to political parties; and
  6. whether the party intends to submit a list under section 127 of the Electoral Act 1993 for the 2020 General Election.

How to give notice

A notice must be in writing and be provided to the Electoral Commission by post to The Electoral Commission, PO Box 3220, Wellington 6140, or email to or hand delivery to the Commission’s office at Level 4, 34–42 Manners Street, Wellington.

Notice must be received by the Commission by 5.00pm, 28 February 2020.

Dated at Wellington this 3rd day of February 2020.

ALICIA WRIGHT, Chief Electoral Officer, Electoral Commission.