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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
Notice Title

Notification of Exemptions from Land Transport Rules

Pursuant to section 166(3) of the Land Transport Act 1998, the NZ Transport Agency gives notice that the following exemptions from the stated Land Transport Rules were granted under section 166(1) of that Act between 1 April 2019 and 30 June 2019:

Nature of Exemption Number of Exemptions

Door Retention Systems 2001 (Rule 32001/1)

Clause 2.3(1)—door retention system must comply with approved vehicle standards 2

Driver Licensing 1999 (Rule 91001)

Clause 15(b)—requirements to obtain learner licence 31
Clause 17(b)—requirements to obtain restricted licence 52
Clause 18—conditions of restricted licence 102
Clause 19(b)—requirements to obtain full licence 32
Clause 23(1)(b)—requirements to obtain a driving instructor endorsement 2
Clause 27(1)(b)—person held a New Zealand full licence for 2 years before obtaining passenger endorsement 247
Clause 29(c)—person successfully completed approved course before obtaining special-type endorsement 19
Clause 34(1)(b) —person held a New Zealand full licence for 2 years before obtaining vehicle recovery endorsement 3
Clause 38(2)—minimum visual acuity to obtain driver licence or endorsement 12
Clause 89(2)(c)—overseas driver licence conversion: practical driving test 31
Clause 89(2)(d)—overseas driver licence conversion: production of overseas driver licence 61

Fuel Consumption Information 2008 (Rule 33020)

Clause 2.2(2)—requirement to provide fuel consumption information 93

Glazing, Windscreen Wipe and Wash, and Mirrors 1999 (Rule 32012)

Clause 5.2(1)—motor vehicle must be fitted with one or more compliant rear-view mirrors 53
Table 2.2—requirements for glazing in locations other than windscreens 1

Head Restraints 2001 (Rule 32010)

Clause 2.3(1)—head restraint must comply with approved vehicle standards 2

Heavy-vehicle Brakes 2006 (Rule 32015)

Clause 2.2(1)—requirement for vehicle to have a service, parking and an emergency brake 1
Schedule 5—New Zealand heavy-vehicle brake specification 4

Heavy Vehicles 2004 (Rule 31002)

Clause 4.4(5)—towbar fitted after 1 April 2006 must comply with certain standard 1
Clause 7.1(1)—a repair to a vehicle must comply with this rule and the Vehicle Repair Rule 1998 1
Clause 7.1(2)—a repair must be carried out in accordance with specific requirements 1

Interior Impact 2001 (Rule 32002)

Clause 2.3(1)—interior fittings, controls and surfaces must comply with approved vehicle standards 2

Light-vehicle Brakes 2002 (Rule 32014)

Clause 2.1(3)—requirement for certain vehicles to have electronic stability control system 13
Clause 2.3(13)—parking brake must act on at least one complete axle 1
Clause 2.3(14)—parking brake must meet certain performance criteria 1
Clause 2.4(5)—brakes on light trailer with laden weight of 2500kg or more 149
Clause 2.5(1)—brake must comply with approved vehicle standards 2

Operator Licensing 2017 (Rule 81001)

Clause 3.2(1)—requirement to display current driver identification card when operating small passenger service vehicle 15

Seatbelts and Seatbelt Anchorages 2002 (Rule 32011)

Clause 2.1(4)— seatbelt and seatbelt anchorage requirements for a motor vehicle 1
Clause 2.1(5)— seatbelt and seatbelt anchorage requirements for different motor vehicles 1
Clause 2.1(7)—type of seatbelt required for a motor vehicle 1
Clause 2.8(2)—exemption to requirement to comply with approved vehicle standards 1
Clause 4.2(2)—seatbelt may be repaired only by the seatbelt manufacturer or the manufacturer’s agent, except if the repair only replaces the seatbelt 50 

Seats and Seat Anchorages 2002 (Rule 32004)

Clause 2.3(1)—seats and seat anchorages must comply with approved vehicle standards 2

Steering Systems 2001 (Rule 32003)

Clause 2.3(1)—steering system must comply with approved vehicle standards 2
Clause 2.5—left-hand drive vehicles 6

Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016 (Rule 41001)

Clause 3.1(1)—vehicle must comply with dimension and performance requirements 1
Clause 3.2(1)—vehicle must comply with applicable dimension requirements 4
Clause 4.1—vehicle mass requirements for general access 2
Clause 4.2—calculating allowable gross mass 2
Clause 4.3—limits set by vehicle configuration 2
Clause 4.4—axle mass limits 2
Clause 4.5—mass ratio of towed and towing vehicles for heavy combination vehicles 2
Clause 4.6—front axle set or twin-steer axle set mass must be at least 20% of the sum of the axle mass 2
Clause 4.7—mass in this Rule may be measured as weight 2
Clause 5.1(1)—permit required before motor vehicle can exceed mass limits 6
Part 2, definition of tri-axle set—a “tri-axle set” means a set of three axles with certain additional requirements 3
Schedule 8–specific route restrictions for overdimension vehicles and loads 1

Vehicle Exhaust Emissions 2007 (Rule 33001)

Clause 2.2(1)—vehicle must comply with approved vehicle emissions standard or a higher standard 202

Vehicle Repair 1998 (Rule 34001)

Clause 2.2(5)— equipment used in repair must be such that the system complies with approved vehicle standards 50

Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002 (Rule 35001)

Clause 4.2—inspection requirements 18
Clause 4.3—information to be recorded 18
Clause 6.3(4)—documents required for the purpose of inspection and certification at entry or re-entry 49
Clause 10.2(1)–(4)—operation of vehicles with evidence of vehicle inspection or certificates of loading 49