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Notice of Change to Education (Proposed Investment Plans: Content & Submission; Assessment Criteria; and Plan Summaries) Notice 2020

Pursuant to section 159R of the Education Act 1989 (“Act”), the notice with the above title published in the New Zealand Gazette, 27 February 2020, Notice No. 2020-au850, Section 1. C. “Process and Timetable”, is amended by replacing with the timetable below:

Activity Timing
TEC releases Plan Guidance December 2019
TEC updates Investment Toolkit material and Plan engagement begins By March 2020
TEC publishes notice in the New Zealand Gazette setting out requirements for Plan content, timetable, assessment, and Plan summaries (this notice) By March 2020
All TEOs seeking new funding approval for 2021 in receipt of more than $5 million of TEC funding in 2019 provide a Summary of Plan Shifts (Waived)
Government announces Budget 2020 14 May 2020
TEC releases Supplementary Plan Guidance to reflect any policy or Budget changes (as required) 30 June 2020
TEC provides indicative allocations, and releases Mix of Provision (MoP) and EPI Commitment (EPIC) templates 30 June 2020
TEOs submit proposed Plans, including MoP, EPIC, Learner Success and Additional Funding templates 7 August 2020
TEC reviews proposed Plans and has further discussion with TEOs as needed From 13 August 2020
TEC and TEOs finalise all discussions about any changes to proposed Plans By 8 September 2020
TEOs submit any changes to their proposed Plans, including MoP and EPIC templates, following discussion with TEC 8 September 2020
TEC finalises assessment of proposed Plans October-November 2020
TEC makes funding decisions October-November 2020
TEOs notified of decisions via Plan funding approval letter From November 2020
First payments made against Plans; Plan delivery begins January 2021

Dated at Wellington this 30th day of June 2020.

TIM FOWLER, Chief Executive, Tertiary Education Commission.