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Land Notices
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Classification of Reserves Under Section 16(2A) of the Reserves Act 1977

Under a delegation from the Auckland Council, the Rodney, Manurewa and Henderson-Massey Local Boards of the Auckland Council, have passed resolutions to classify reserves for their primary purposes lying within their jurisdiction, pursuant to section 16(2A) of the Reserves Act 1977, and which are described in the Schedule below.

North Auckland Land District—Auckland




Reserve Purpose
1474 Lot 1 DP 147396 Local purpose (utility)
2.2659 Section 1 SO 524772 Recreation
2.0171 Section 2 SO 524772 Local purpose (esplanade)
7132 Section 3 SO 524772 Local purpose (foreshore protection)
1865 Section 1 SO 530866 Local purpose (community buildings)
6178 Lot 59 DP 130290 Recreation
282 Lot 60 DP 130290 Recreation

Dated at Auckland this 1st day of February 2019.

ROD SHERIDAN, General Manager, Community Facilities, Auckland Council.