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Land Notices
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Classification of Reserve—Meadowlands Reserve

Pursuant to section 16(2A) of the Reserves Act 1977, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the Auckland Council following a resolution passed on 20 May 2019 classifies the reserve described in the Schedule as recreation reserve, subject to the provisions of the said Act.

North Auckland Land District—Auckland

0.3770 Lot 228 DP 156628 (all Record of Title NA94A/629)
0.4122 Lot 223 DP 159580 (all Record of Title NA95D/963)
0.1693 Lots 1 DP 157481 (all Record of Title NA94C/474)
0.1921 Lots 2 DP 157481 (all Record of Title NA94C/474)
0.2840 Lot 221 DP 156911 (all Record of Title NA94B/365)
0.4291 Lot 220 DP 155342 (all Record of Title NA92D/608)
0.9079 Section 1 SO 70179 (all Record of Title NA134D/251)
0.5850 Lot 101 DP 148811 (all Record of Title NA87A/283)
3.5990 Lot 100 DP 139785 (Part Record of Title NA61C/518 (Cancelled))

Dated at Auckland this 5th day of December 2019.

ROD SHERIDAN, General Manager, Community Facilities, Auckland Council.