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Land Notices
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Redefine the Class of Persons of a Māori Reservation

Pursuant to section 338(5)(d) of Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993, on the recommendation of the Māori Land Court, the lands described in the Schedule hereto having been set apart as a Māori reservation by notices published in the New Zealand Gazette, 4 November 2010, No. 148, page 3742, and New Zealand Gazette, 10 March 2011, No. 26, page 781, are hereby redefined in terms of the class of persons or beneficiaries for whose use or benefit the reservation is made as now being “for the common use and benefit of the Ngāti Mihiroa Hapū, being the descendants of Pukepuke Tangiora, being the children and successors of Te Akonga Te Mohi and Peti Pirihi Kaihote”.

Hawke’s Bay Land District


All those pieces of land described as follows:


(more or less)
All the Māori freehold land known as Part Kakiraawa 2B2F3 Block (Computer Freehold Register 482418).
(more or less)
All the general land known as Kakiraawa 2B2F2B Block (Computer Freehold Register HB127/229).
(more or less)
All the general land known as Section 33 Block III Te Mata Survey District (Computer Freehold Register HBF1/213).

Dated at Wellington this 3rd day of May 2019.

MICHELLE HIPPOLITE, Chief Executive, Ministry of Māori Development.

(MLC: HO 2/3/1/; DO Appln No. A20180002992)