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DairyNZ Limited’s Procedures for Complying With Decisions of the Panel

Publication pursuant to Regulation 26(1)(a) of the Dairy Industry (Herd Testing and New Zealand Dairy Core Database) Regulations – procedures for complying with decisions of the Panel, including maximum time periods for the provision of data.

  1. In the first instance, the applicant may contact the Dairy Industry Good Animal Database (DIGAD) administrator:
    DIGAD Administrator
    Private Bag 3221
    Hamilton 3240
    Telephone: (07) 858 3750
    Freephone: 0800 4 324 7969
  2. DIGAD administrator and applicant to liaise to:
    1. clarify purpose for which the core data will be used;
    2. determine the applicant’s exact data requirements;
    3. determine and discuss indicative pricing and discuss any preliminary negotiation of any terms on which the data will be provided to the applicant.
    4. complete detailed application for the panel to review
  3. The applicant must submit a completed application to:
    The Secretary
    The Core Database Access Panel
    DairyNZ Limited
    Private Bag 3221
    Hamilton 3240
    Telephone: (07) 858 3750
    Facsimile: (07) 858 3751
  4. The DIGAD administrator receives the panel’s decision and liaises with the applicant or the panel about any relevant aspect of the decision.
  5. An agreement will be completed between DairyNZ and the applicant regarding the terms on which data is provided and used by the applicant. The agreement will be based on DairyNZ’s standard “Data Provision Agreement”, modified to contain the terms and conditions set by the panel and other provisions specific to core data.
  6. The maximum time period for the provision of data to an applicant will be:
    1. as specified by the panel; or
    2. if not specified by the panel, 28 days from the date of payment of DairyNZ’s charges by the applicant; or
    3. such other period or date agreed between DairyNZ and the applicant.
  7. The DIGAD administrator implements data extraction and delivery to the applicant in accordance with the decision and the completed agreement.

Note: For the avoidance of doubt, the applicant should be aware that it is the panel that sets the terms and conditions on which core data is made available to an applicant under the Regulations.

DairyNZ’s Procedures for Complying With Regulation 25

Publication pursuant to Regulation 26(1)(b) of the Dairy Industry (Herd Testing and New Zealand Dairy Core Database) Amendment Regulations 2014 – Procedures for complying with Regulation 25.

All DairyNZ staff will maintain strict confidentiality in respect of any information by not disclosing information or data to any person other than those involved in the operation of the core database or in the management of panel applications.

Pricing Methodology for Access to Core Data

Publication pursuant to Regulation 26(1)(c) of the Dairy Industry (Herd Testing and New Zealand Dairy Core Database) Amendment Regulations 2014 – Pricing methodology or methodologies used to set charges for access to data in the core database (including charges that the manager makes to businesses it owns for access to that data), and the prices resulting from applying these methodologies.


The Regulations place an obligation on DairyNZ to provide access to core data, however DairyNZ determines the price of access to that data.

The Regulations also provide that DairyNZ must in each year publish its pricing methodology which is used to calculate prices for the provision of extracts of core data. That methodology is set out in this section.

General Principles

The access price for core data has been derived from the costs associated with supplying data including application administration and programming functions, capital and depreciation costs and expenses.

An activity-based costing system has been applied to these items.

There are no charges for the input of data. However, the activity of cleansing and validating input data forms part of the processes involved in the provision of data.

The costs associated with these activities are attributed to the provision of core data.

Processing Applications

An application fee is payable to The Panel and is prescribed under the Regulations as being $200.00 (including GST). It partially covers the cost of receiving an application, the panel convening to review applications and the administration to notify the outcome of their consideration of each application.

An administration fee is charged by DairyNZ to partially cover the costs of processing applications. The fee includes a proportion of the following costs:

  • Personnel to support, develop and maintain the database.
  • Expenses such as office equipment and supplies.
  • Capital costs such as computer equipment and furniture calculated on a cost recovery basis over the estimated lives of the assets.


All data requests will require an initial analysis by a programmer to determine the complexity of the request.

A fixed fee (base programming fee) is applied to cover the initial programming and it allows for four hours of a programmer’s time. If the request is completed in this time, no further charges are incurred.

Some applications will be complex and require more than four hours to fulfil. In these cases an additional programming fee will be incurred.

All requestors will be provided with an estimate of the hours expected to extract data prior to any programming work commencing.

The fee includes a proportion of the following costs:

  • Personnel to support, develop and maintain the database and develop data extracts.
  • Expenses such as office equipment and supplies.

Repeat or top-up requests that require no further programming, will not incur additional programming charges.

Extract Fee

This charge covers the cost of receiving, storing and transmitting data. The fee includes a proportion of the following costs:

  • Personnel to support, develop and maintain the database and develop data extracts.
  • Expenses (eg data centre power and support costs of infrastructure).
  • Capital costs of computer equipment (calculated on a cost recovery basis over the estimated lives of the assets).

The extract charge is capped at a maximum of $80,000.00 (excluding GST) per extract. Subsequent or additional data supplied for repeat or top-up extracts (within the same season or a new season) attract an additional extract fee to cover the cost of administration and additional programming (if relevant) functions. The fee is derived identically to the extract fee.

Exceptions and Incentives

Certified data providers (CDP) would not in principle be charged to recover records they have provided to DIGAD apart from associated programming charges. This will ensure that a CDP passing data to DIGAD is not disadvantaged in recovering that same data.

Ascertaining the herd recorder associated with supplied data will not always be obvious, due to DIGAD not holding the information of who the herd recorder was prior to the 2014/15 season.

To determine charges for records prior to this season, DairyNZ will total up the animals for each Herd Recorder in DIGAD (for the current season) and apply a ratio split for all data. If the split for example was 80% for Herd Recorder A and 20% for Herd Recorder B, when extracting historical records Herd Recorder A would not be changed for 80% of those records.

Industry Good Research

Users who are performing industry good activities are able to apply through DairyNZ Inc. for funding for projects requiring data extracts.


All charges are exclusive of GST

All Applications

Application fee – payable to Core Database Panel

$179.31 per request ($200.00 including GST)

Administration fee – payable to DairyNZ Limited

$500.00 per request

Base programming charge

$600.00 per approved data extract

Additional programming fee

$150.00 per hour (or part thereof)

Extract fee

$0.33 per animal per season of Core Data

Maximum cost per extract


Additional extracts fee

$500.00 per extract and $0.03 per animal