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Approval of Changes to the National Planning Standards 2019

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 58H(2) of the Resource Management Act 1991, that the Minister for the Environment (and the Minister of Conservation to the extent that the standards relate to the coastal marine area), have approved changes to the first set of National Planning Standards.

These changes have not more than minor effect, correct errors and make similar technical alterations. They constitute minor wording changes, changes to unique identifiers and map colour and symbol descriptions, and corrections to numbering, punctuation, layout, and grammar. There is a change to the meaning of the definition of “net site area” and minor corrections to other definitions.

The changes relate to the following:

6. Introduction and General Provisions Standard – Direction 17c

7. District-wide Matters Standard – Direction 21

10. Format Standard – Directions 4, 34, 42 and 43 and Table 16

13. Mapping Standard – Tables 19 and 20

14. Definitions Standard – definitions

The changes to the standards take effect 28 days after this notice.

Copies of the updated standards may be inspected free of charge at the offices of the Ministry for the Environment, 23 Kate Sheppard Place, Thorndon, Wellington. Copies are also available on the Ministry for the Environment’s website at

Dated this 4th day of November 2019.

Hon DAVID PARKER, Minister for the Environment.
Hon EUGENIE SAGE, Minister of Conservation.