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Determinations Relating to Subsidy Investigation: Hollow Steel Sections From China

Pursuant to section 10D(4) of the Trade (Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties) Act 1988, I hereby give notice that I have made a final determination under section 10D(1) that the subject goods described in the Schedule to this notice:

  1. are subsidised only to de minimis levels
  2. and that by reason thereof the subsidisation is not causing material injury to the domestic industry.

Pursuant to section 11(1)(g) of the Trade (Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties) Act 1988 I hereby give notice that under sections 10D(3) and 11(1)(f) that having made a negative determination under section 10D(1) I terminate the investigation with respect to the goods described in the Schedule to this Notice.


Goods Subject to Determination

Country of Origin

People’s Republic of China.

Description of Goods

Certain electric resistance welded pipe and tube made of carbon steel, comprising circular and non-circular hollow sections, collectively referred to as hollow steel sections (HSS)

The characteristics of HSS in the description of subject goods are:


Circular products – nominal bore diameters of 15mm or more but less than 102mm with wall thicknesses from 1.0 to 6.0mm

Square and rectangular products – external perimeters of 100mm or more up to and including 400mm with wall thicknesses of 1.0 to 6.0mm

Oval products – external perimeters up to and including 314mm with wall thicknesses of 1.0 to 3.0mm.

Finish types: galvanised including in-line galvanised, pre-galvanised or hot-dipped galvanised; or non-galvanised, including but not restricted to, painted, black, lacquered or oiled finishes.

Dated at Wellington this 28th day of March 2019.

Hon KRIS FAAFOI, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Note: A copy of the non-confidential version of the final report, which contains details of the investigation and the conclusions reached, is available on the website of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment: