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General Notices
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Notice of Entry into Possession of Mortgaged Goods

In the matter of section 156 of the Property Law Act 2007 and Aethon Infrastructure Limited (in receivership and in liquidation) (“Mortgagor”):

Harrison Bloy Plumbing & Bathrooms Limited (“Mortgagee”) is the secured party under a security agreement dated 17 December 2018, pursuant to which the Mortgagor granted to the Mortgagee a security interest over all goods supplied by the Mortgagee to the Mortgagor.

The Mortgagee hereby gives notice that it entered into possession of the mortgaged goods described below on 26 November 2019.

The mortgaged goods are described as follows:

Infrastructure materials and equipment, being CPVC pipes and related fittings, supplied by the Mortgagee located at 6 Wigram Road, Middleton, Christchurch.

The Address to Which Communications Relating to the Mortgaged Goods May be Sent is: Harrison Bloy Plumbing & Bathrooms Limited, PO Box 6392, Riccarton, Christchurch 8442.

Dated this 26th day of November 2019.

THOMAS DAVID BLOY, on Behalf of the Mortgagee

Note: This notice is given by Evolution Lawyers Limited, solicitors for the Mortgagee, PO Box 41089, St Lukes, Auckland 1346.