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General Notices
Notice Title

Notice to Mortgagor That Mortgagee Has Taken Possession Under Section 156 of the Property Law Act 2007

To: Concast West Limited, 1 Ballyward Close, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013.

Take notice that:

  1. You are the mortgagor of the property at 178 McLeod Road, Te Atatu South, Auckland, (“property”) and Xinjian Wu, of China, businessman, is the mortgagee.
  2. By notice under section 119 of the Act dated 5 June 2018 (“Plan”) and served on Concast on 5 June 2018, Wu demanded that Concast remedy defaults under the mortgage, in lieu of which, Wu would be entitled to:
    1. enter into possession of the mortgaged properties; and
    2. sell the mortgaged properties.
  3. Concast failed to remedy the defaults stipulated in the Plan by the required date of 16 July 2018, whereupon Wu’s entitlement to:
    1. enter into possession of the mortgaged properties; and
    2. sell the mortgaged properties, accrued.
  4. At 3.48pm on 17 December 2018, Wu took possession of the property.
  5. Concast is forbidden from entering the property henceforth.

Dated at Auckland this 17th day of December 2018.

WINSTON WANG, Solicitor for Mr Wu.

This notice to mortgagor is served by the mortgagee, Xinjian Wu, of China, businessman. David An-wei Chang, solicitor for the applicant, of the firm Winston Wang & Associates. The address for service of the applicant is the offices of Winston Wang & Associates, 96 Remuera Road, Newmarket, Auckland.

Documents for service on the above-named applicant may be left at that address for service or may be:

  1. Posted to the solicitor at PO Box 99974, Newmarket, Auckland 1149; or
  2. Left at the Document Exchange for direction to DX CP31012, Auckland; or
  3. Transmitted to the solicitor by facsimile to (09) 522 2295.