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Electricity Industry (Exemption No. 276 (Nova Energy Limited)) Exemption Notice 2019

Under section 11 of the Electricity Industry Act 2010 (“Act”), the Electricity Authority gives the following notice.


1. Title and commencement—(1) This notice is the Electricity Industry (Exemption No. 276 (Nova Energy Limited)) Exemption Notice 2019.

(2) This notice comes into force on the day after the date it is notified in the New Zealand Gazette.

2. Exemption—(1) Nova Energy Limited (“Nova”) is exempted from complying with the obligation in clause 7(1) of Schedule 11.4 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (“Code”) to provide to the registry manager the information indicated in line 30 of Table 1 in Schedule 11.4 of the Code.

(2) This exemption applies only if:

  1. the relevant meter or data storage device has an AMI flag of “Y”;
  2. the data channel is for export energy; and
  3. the data channel is not required to supply volume information under Part 15 of the Code.

3. Term—This exemption expires on the close of 30 April 2023.

4. Reasons for granting the exemption—The reasons for granting this exemption are:

  1. it will improve the accuracy of reconciliation information;
  2. it will reduce consumers and Nova’s costs, such as for changing or reprogramming the meter, if distributed generation is added or the meter is displaced;
  3. it will not negatively impact other participants or consumers;
  4. it will eliminate unnecessary meter displacement by retailers whose systems are unable to manage an unused export data channel (register) if the settlement indicator is “Y”;
  5. it will prevent reduced competition in the metering market;
  6. a non-urgent Code amendment is being investigated and a temporary solution is beneficial; and
  7. granting the requested exemption meets the requirements in section 11(2) of the Act.

Dated at Wellington this 13th day of February 2019.

For and on Behalf of the Electricity Authority:
SUSAN PATERSON, onzm, Member, Electricity Authority.