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Cosmetic Products Group Standard (Amendment) Notice 2019

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) gives notice that:

Pursuant to sections 96B and 96C(3) of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 (“Act”), the EPA amends the Cosmetic Products Group Standard 2017 – HSR002552 as follows:

Amendments are made to entries 26–43 inclusive, entry 47, and entry 56 of Schedule 5 of the Additional Schedules of the Cosmetic Products Group Standard 2017. These entries relate to the following chemicals:

Ammonium monofluorophosphate

Sodium monofluorophosphate

Potassium monofluorophosphate

Calcium monofluorophosphate

Calcium fluoride

Sodium fluoride

Potassium fluoride

Ammonium fluoride

Aluminium fluoride

Stannous fluoride

Hexadecylammonium fluoride

3-(N-Hexadecyl-N-2-hydroxyethylammonio)propylbis(2-hydroxyethyl) ammonium difluoride

N,N’,N’-Tris(polyoxyethylene)-N-hexadecylpropylenediamine dihydrofluoride

Octadecenylammonium fluoride

Sodium fluorosilicate

Potassium fluorosilicate

Ammonium fluorosilicate

Magnesium fluorosilicate

Nicomethanol hydrofluoride

Magnesium fluoride

The ‘Conditions of use and warnings which must be printed on the label’ in column f is amended for these entries such that the following text:

Children of 6 years and younger: Use a pea sized amount for supervised brushing to minimise swallowing.

Is deleted and replaced with:

Children five years and under should use a smear of toothpaste and children six years and over should use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste

The amendment to the Group Standard was approved by the EPA on 14 March 2019. The amendment takes effect on 15 May 2019.

The Cosmetic Products Group Standard 2018 – HSR002552 may be inspected free of charge during normal business hours at the EPA office, purchased from the EPA, or viewed in full at

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