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Notification of Application of Overlay Classification and Protection Principles—Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve

Pursuant to section 41(1)(a) of the Heretaunga Tamatea Claims Settlement Act 2018 (“Act”), the Minister of Conservation hereby notifies that the area described in the Schedule hereto has been declared to be subject to an overlay classification by section 36 of the Act.

The provisions of the Act which relate to the overlay area are sections 36-49.

Pursuant to section 41(1)(b) of the Act, the Minister hereby notifies that the following protection principles are directed at the Minister of Conservation; avoiding harm to, or the diminishing of, Heretaunga Tamatea values related to Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve:

  1. protection of indigenous flora and fauna, natural resources and the wider environment within Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve;
  2. recognition of the mana and kaitiakitanga of Heretaunga Tamatea within Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve;
  3. respect for Heretaunga Tamatea tikanga and kawa within Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve;
  4. respect for the interests and relationships that Heretaunga Tamatea have with Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve;
  5. encouragement of the respect for the association of Heretaunga Tamatea with Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve;
  6. accurate portrayal of the association, interests and relationships of Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve;
  7. recognition of the relationship of Heretaunga Tamatea with the wāhi tapu and wāhi whakahirahira;
  8. recognition of Heretaunga Tamatea mahinga kai and the provision of cultural resources;
  9. recognition of Heretaunga Tamatea relationship with, and the importance to Heretaunga Tamatea of, the ecosystems and life forms within Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve; and
  10. recognition of and respect for ngā tikanga o Heretaunga Tamatea and its relevance to the protection of Cape Kidnappers Nature Reserve.

Hawke’s Bay Land District—Central Hawke’s Bay District



4.9441 Section 2 Block III Kidnapper Survey District, together with any other area described in the First Schedule of Gazette Notice 435893.1 as islands or rocks forming part of the area known as Black Reef, as shown on Deed Plan OTS-110-04.

Dated at Wellington this 22nd day of July 2018.

Hon EUGENIE SAGE, Minister of Conservation.