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Land Notices
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Public Notice of Application That Land or Interest in Land be No Longer Subject to Resumption

The Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975
The State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986

The notice concerns land at 685 Karioitahi Road (Castaways), Waiuku, and Māori claims under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975. This land is described in legal terms as Lot 2 DP 407196 and described in Certificate of Title as 425287 and Lot 1 DP 407196 described in Certificate of Title 425286 and is subject to section 27B of the State Owned Enterprises Act 1986.

The land was once owned by the Crown. It was vested in a State enterprise by a notice in the New Zealand Gazette under section 24 of the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986.

There is a special notice or ‘memorial’ on the certificate of title for the land, which provides that, if the Waitangi Tribunal so recommends, the land shall be resumed by the Crown and returned to Māori ownership (see sections 27A and 27B of the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986).

The current owners of the land, Gavin William Shine, Raewyn Gail Shine and Shine Family Trustee Company Limited have applied to the Waitangi Tribunal to have this memorial removed. The application has been made under section 8D of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975.

Any Māori person who considers that they, or any group to which they belong, has a claim to make to the Waitangi Tribunal about this land should submit their claim to the Waitangi Tribunal before 20 August 2018.

If no claim about this land is made to the Registrar before 20 August 2018, the Tribunal may recommend that the land be no longer subject to resumption and the memorial will be removed.

Section 6 of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 sets out the grounds for making a claim. Claims may be posted to: The Registrar, Waitangi Tribunal, DX SX 11237, Wellington, or delivered to: The Registrar, The Waitangi Tribunal, Level 7, Fujitsu Tower, 141 The Terrace, Wellington 6011.

You may forward this notice to any other Māori or Māori group that you consider may be affected.

For further information, contact the Tribunal Registrar at the address set out above, or phone (04) 914 3000.

Dated at Pukekohe this 15th day of May 2018.

Inserted by:
GLEN LOW, Solicitor for the Applicant.