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Corrigendum—Notice of Valid Antarctic Names

In the notice with the above heading, published in the New Zealand Gazette, 29 May 2009, No. 77, page 1803:

For Battleship replace

“Battleship” with “Battleship Promontory” and replace “76°55′00″S 160°55′00″W” with “76.90751°S 160.93665°E”, and

For Grimes Ridge replace

Grimes Ridge “79°12′00″S 84°22′00″W” with “74.63351°S 110.50025°W”, and

For Hall Peak

delete the whole row

For Hind Turret Peak replace

“Hind Turret Peak” with “Hind Turret” and replace “77°38′00″S 161°37′00″E” with “77.63215°S 161.62953°E”, and

For Iceberg Bank replace

“76°25′00″S 168°15′00″E” with “76.41667°S 163.25°E”, and

For Jeffrey Head replace

“Jeffrey Head” with “Jeffery Head” and replace “74°33′00″S 111°54′00″W” with “74.54415°S 111.88587°W”, and

For Mount Lawrence replace

“Mount Lawrence” with “Lawrence Peaks” and replace “Mountain” with “Range”, and

For Lawson Nunataks replace

“67°56′53″S 62°50′46″E” with “70.78333°S 159.75°E”, and

For Lee Nunatak replace

“70°27′40″S 65°56′08″E” with “71.00884°S 159.97076°E”, and

For Smitch Point replace

“74°64′00″S 163°45′00″E” with “74.89749°S 163.76107°E”, and

For Stewart Hills replace

“Stewart Hills” with “Stewart Heights”.

Dated at Wellington this 24th day of May 2018.

W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.