A replacement to this notice was published on 21 December 2021, Notice No. 2021-sl5543.

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General Section
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Fees Payable to the Veterinary Council of New Zealand Notice from 11 January 2019

Pursuant to section 97 of the Veterinarians Act 2005 (“Act”), the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (“Council”) gives notice that the following fees are payable effective from 11 January 2019.

The fees are exclusive of goods and services tax.

This notice replaces the Veterinary Council of New Zealand Fees Amendment Notice 2017, published in the New Zealand Gazette, 15 December 2016, Issue No. 118, Notice No. 2016-gs7010.

Fees Schedule



Practising Certificate fees


Annual practising certificate application fee for:


- Full year


- Full year with early payment rebate1


- July – September


- October – December


- January - March


Registration fees


Application for registration (NZ graduates and those applying under the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997)


Application for registration (International graduates with prescribed qualifications or a pass in a prescribed examination or assessment programme)


Application for limited scope registration (International graduates with non prescribed qualifications)


Application for time limited National Veterinary Examination Candidate scope2


Application for specialist registration


Other Fees


Annual Register maintenance fee for non practising veterinarians


Registration certificate (or copy) or letter of good standing (or copy) or any other certificate or letter signed by the Registrar


Dated this 5th day of December 2018.

IAIN McLACHLAN, Registrar, Veterinary Council of New Zealand.

Explanatory Note – Increase in fees

The only change from the 2017 fees notice is a 3.6 % increase in practising certificate application fees. This was approved by the Council on 21 November 2018 following consultation with the profession as required under section 99 of the Act.

Key to Annotations

1. Under section 97(1)(i) of the Act the Council may prescribe an additional fee to be paid if a prescribed fee is paid after its due date. Council uses this section to rebate the APC fee by a specified amount for early payment by a specified date, which ensures earlier renewal.

2. Registration in this scope allows those who have passed the preliminary part of the joint Australasian National Veterinary Examination (NVE) to gain practical experience under direct veterinary supervision prior to sitting the final part of NVE. Registration lapses on the day the results of the final examination are released.