Notice Type
General Section
Notice Title

Amendments to the New Zealand Rules of Harness Racing

Pursuant to the Racing Act 2003, notice is given of amendments to the following rules of the New Zealand Rules of Harness Racing:

  • Rule 402(2)(a).
  • Rule 502 (1A).
  • Rule 505(4).
  • Rule 1001(1)(r).
  • Rule 1004(6) and 1004AA.
  • Rule 215(2).
  • Rule 1004(8).
  • Rule 1004D.
  • Rule 1004E.
  • Rules 105 (definition of Registrar), 813(5)(b), 920(1), 920(3), 920(3)(c), 920(3)(d), 920(4), 920(5)(b), 920(6), 920(7), 920(8), 1006, 1101, 1105(a), 1109(2), and clauses 3.1 and 11.1(a) of Rules of Practice and Procedure for the Judicial Committee and Appeals Tribunal set out in the Fifth Schedule.
  • Rule 1513.
  • Rule 108 and 113.

The New Zealand Rules of Harness Racing can be viewed on the Harness Racing New Zealand Incorporated website, or copies can be inspected free of charge or purchased at Harness Racing New Zealand Incorporated, Level 1, 17 Birmingham Drive, Christchurch.

Dated at Christchurch this 2nd day of October 2018.

EDWARD RENNELL, Chief Executive, Harness Racing New Zealand Incorporated.