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Notice of Payment into Victims’ Claims Trust Account

Take notice that, pursuant to part 2 of the Prisoners’ and Victims’ Claims Act 2005, compensation awarded to Kelly Grennell is required to be paid to the Secretary for Justice, and the surplus after deductions is to be held in Trust on behalf of Kelly Grennell.

And that on 26 September 2018, $43,392.51 was paid into the Victims’ Claims Trust Account on behalf of Kelly Grennell. This money must be held in the Trust Account to enable any victims of Kelly Grennell to make claims against it.

Any person that has been a victim of Kelly Grennell, in respect of an offence for which Kelly Grennell was convicted in a Court of New Zealand, is entitled to make a claim against the money held in the Trust Account on behalf of Kelly Grennell. Claims by victims are not limited to the amount available in the Trust Account.

Claim forms, and information on how to make a claim, may be obtained from: The Secretary, Victims Special Claims Tribunal, DX SX11159, Wellington. Phone: (04) 462 6660. Fax: (04) 462 6686.

All claims must be filed on or before 18 June 2019.