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Notice of Payment into Victims’ Claims Trust Account

Take notice that, pursuant to part 2 of the Prisoners’ and Victims’ Claims Act 2005, compensation awarded to Ashor Gorges/Gorgus is required to be paid to the Secretary for Justice, and the surplus after deductions is to be held in Trust on behalf of Ashor Gorges/Gorgus.

And that on 18 October 2018, $5,000 was paid into the Victims’ Claims Trust Account on behalf of Ashor Gorges/Gorgus. This money must be held in the Trust Account to enable any victims of Ashor Gorges/Gorgus to make claims against it.

Any person that has been a victim of Ashor Gorges/Gorgus, in respect of an offence for which Ashor Gorges/Gorgus was convicted in a Court of New Zealand, is entitled to make a claim against the money held in the Trust Account on behalf of Ashor Gorges/Gorgus. Claims by victims are not limited to the amount available in the Trust Account.

Claim forms, and information on how to make a claim, may be obtained from:

The Secretary, Victims’ Special Claims Tribunal, DX SX 11159, Wellington. Phone: (04) 462 6660. Fax: (04) 462 6686.

All claims must be filed on or before Friday 24 May 2019.