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Tariff (Statistical Requirements) Amendment Notice (No. 4) 2018

Pursuant to section 10(2) of the Tariff Act 1988, and acting under delegated authority from the Minister of Commerce, the Chief Customs Officer, Valuation, Origin and Classification, of the New Zealand Customs Service gives the following notice.


  1. Title – This notice is the Tariff (Statistical Requirements) Amendment Notice (No. 4) 2018.
  2. Commencement – This notice comes into effect on 1 January 2019.
  3. Statistical keys of certain Tariff items amended – The Tariff is hereby amended by revoking the statistical keys of Tariff items and codes 1207.99.00 25F and 1208.90.00 00H and substituting the statistical keys specified in the Schedule to this notice.

Statistical Keys Substituted

  Statistical Key  
Number Code Unit Goods
1207.99.00     - - Other
      . . . Hemp (cannabis) seeds:
  14L kg . . . . Whole
  17E kg . . . . Hulled
  24H kg . . . . Other
1208.90.00     - Other
      . . Of hemp (cannabis) seeds:
  10E kg . . . Flour
  15F kg . . . Meal
  19J kg . . Other

Dated at Auckland this 5th day of November 2018.

CHRISTOPHER BURTON, Chief Customs Officer, Revenue and Assurance, New Zealand Customs Service, acting under delegated authority.


Explanatory Note

This notice amends the statistical key codes, unit and descriptions of the Tariff items specified in this notice and have been put in place to enable monitoring imports of Hemp (cannabis) seeds, flour and meal subject to the Misuse of Drugs (Industrial Hemp) Regulations 2006 and regulations under the Food Act 2014.