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Establishment of Designated Character Schools—South Auckland Middle School and Middle School West Auckland

  1. Pursuant to sections 146, 156 and 156AA of the Education Act 1989 (“Act”) I hereby establish two Year 7–10 restricted composite co-educational schools in Auckland to be known as South Auckland Middle School and Middle School West Auckland, and designate both of these schools as designated character schools.
  2. The schools’ character is described as:
    1. The schools are middle schools with an overarching “Villa” structure that allows for academic achievement and pastoral care. Education is project-based and has a focus on the “Growth Mindset” style of learning, based on the work of Carol Dweck.
    2. The schools’ vision is:
      Through effective teaching, quality facilities, a supportive learning environment, an optimal day structure and an integrated curriculum, young people develop and learn to give them a base for excellence in all spheres of life.
  3. Pursuant to section 110A of the Act, I hereby establish a Combined Board of Trustees for South Auckland Middle School and Middle School West Auckland.
  4. The constitution of the board of trustees will be an alternative constitution in accordance with section 98A of the Act.

This notice takes effect on the date of publication in the New Zealand Gazette.

Dated this 27th day of August 2018.

CHRIS HIPKINS, Minister of Education.