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Land Notices
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Declaration That Land is a Reserve

Under the Reserves Act 1977, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the General Manager, Community Facilities, Auckland Council, gives notice that it was resolved by the Auckland Council at its meeting on 18 July 2017 that the land described in the Schedule shall be declared to be a reserve within the meaning of the Reserves Act 1977 and to be held for historic purposes.

North Auckland Land District—Auckland



3.3151 Lot 2 DP 63604 (Computer Freehold Register NA20A/979).
5.7028 Lot 5 DP 63604 (Computer Freehold Register NA20A/982).

Dated at Auckland this 3rd day of August 2017.

HEIDI WALKLEY, Acting General Manager, Community Facilities, Auckland Council.