A corrigendum to this notice was published on 27 July 2017, Issue No. 75, Notice No. 2017-ln3739.

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Corrigendum—Notice of Valid Antarctic Names

In the notice titled “Notice of Valid Antarctic Names”, published in the New Zealand Gazette, 29 May 2009, No. 77, page 1803:

For Ball Stream at 76°46′00′′S 159°29′00′′E delete the whole row.

For Ball Stream at 82°08′00′′S 163°40′00′′E delete the whole row.

For Bates Nunatak replace “Bates Nunatak” with “Bates Nunataks” and replace “80°15′00′′S 153°30′00′′E” with “80.26586°E 153.54766°S”.

For Brock Gully replace “76°44′00′′S 159°44′00′′E” with “76.72724°S 159.73948°E”.

For Callendar Peak replace “Callendar Peak” with “Callender Peak” and replace “75°18′00′′S 110°18′00′′W” with “75.30962°S 110.30006°W”.

For Cameron Nunataks replace “72°36′00′′S 136°43′00′′E” with “72.62292°S 163.72361°E”.

For Coxcomb Peak replace “76°38′00′′S 159°49′00′′E” with “76.64788°S 159.84044°E”.

For De Goes Cliff replace “De Goes Cliff” with “DeGoes Cliff” and replace “71°44′00′′S 161°54′00′′E” with “71.71370°S 161.87650°E”.

For Dennes Point replace “76°41′00′′S 159°45′00′′E” with “76.68108°S 159.75052°E”.

For Favreaux Pillar replace “Favreaux Pillar” with “Favreau Pillar” and replace “71°57′00′′S 171°07′00′′E” with “71.95369°S 171.11906°E”.

For Gadarene Ridge replace “76°44′00′′S 159°33′00′′E” with “76.70812°S 159.55586°E”.

For Gregory Glacier replace “Gregory” with “Lowe” and replace “82°55′00′′S 160°20′00′′E” with “82.96667°S 160.41667°E”.

For Hall Rock replace “76°51′00′′S 159°20′00′′E” with “76.85142°S 159.34125°E”.

For Harris Valley replace “76°38′00′′S 159°52′00′′E” with “76.64137°S 159.86543°E”.

For Karoro Pond replace “77°40′00′′S 162°14′00′′E” with “77.67495°S 162.26779°E”.

For Kiwi Pass replace “80°48′00′′S 158°05′00′′E” with “80.79551°S 158.02393°E”.

For Koi Peak replace “77°44′00′′S 162°42′00′′E” with “77.73989°S 162.70066°E”.

For Lowe Mount replace “Lowe Mount” with “Mount Gregory” and replace “82°52′00′′S 159°44′00′′E” with “82.86348°S 159.74694°E”.

For Maiden Castle replace “76°41′00′′S 159°51′00′′E” with “76.65854°S 159.85028°E”.

For Mixon Rocks replace “76°44′00′′S 159°23′00′′E” with “76.70820°S 159.38570°E”.

For Moa Glacier replace “77°42′00′′S 162°46′00′′E” with “77.71489°S 162.79051°E”.

For Mount Anakiwa replace “73°00′00′′S 165°43′00′′E” with “73.00454°S 165.72954°E”.

For Mount Sanved replace “Mount Sanved” with “Mount Sandved” and replace “82°41′00′′S 161°06′00′′E” with “82.68112°S 161.11692°E”.

For Mount Tuatara replace “80°34′00′′S 158°20′00′′E” with “80.55918°S 158.33351°E”.

For Mount Watters replace “76°44′00′′S 159°38′00′′E” with “76.73261°S 159.64718°E”.

For Muller Glacier replace “Muller Glacier” with “Müller Glacier”.

For Oates Coast replace “Oates Coast” with “Oates Land”, in the second column replace “Coast” with “Area” and replace “69°30′00′′S 159°00′00′′E” with “72°S 159.5°E”.

For Otago Spur replace “84°45′00′′S 114°10′00′′W” with “84.75971°S 114.27111°W”.

For Pinafore Moraine replace “76°53′00′′S 159°26′00′′E” with “76.88436°S 159.44999°E”.

For Plumstead Valley replace “76°37′00′′S 159°49′00′′E” with “76.63759°S 159.83785°E”.

For Punchbowl Cirque replace “76°43′00′′S 159°44′00′′E” with “76.71113°S 159.77574°E”.

For Rahi Peak replace “77°44′00′′S 162°49′00′′E” with “77.73334°S 162.83169°E”.

For Roa Ridge replace “77°38′00′′S 162°20′00′′E” with “77.63979°S 162.36710°E”.

For Scythian Nunatak replace “76°44′00′′S 159°46′00′′E” with “76.73446°S 159.77271°E”.

For Ship Cone replace “76°40′00′′S 159°35′00′′E” with “76.66092°S 159.59245°E”.

For Stopes Point replace “76°36′00′′S 159°35′00′′E” with “76.61431°S 159.62565°E”.

For Theshold Nunatak replace “Theshold Nunatak” with “Threshold Nunatak”, and replace “83°46′00′′S 166°06′00′′E” with “83.76455°S 166.10748°E”.

For Tilman Ridge replace “76°40′00′′S 159°35′00′′E” with “76.66525°S 159.59928°E”.

For Todd Gully replace “76°43′00′′S 159°42′00′′E” with “76.72172°S 159.69585°E”.

For Townrow Peak replace “76°38′00′′S 159°35′00′′E” with “76.64678°S 159.60267°E”.

For Trilobite Promenade replace “84°49′00′′S 116°21′00′′E” with “84.80739°S 116.46309°W”.

For Trudge Valley replace “76°43′00′′S 159°45′00′′E” with “76.71544°S 159.75460°E”.

For Wallace Mount replace “Wallace Mount” with “Mount Wallace”, and replace “85°39′00′′S 151°24′00′′W” with “85.64384°S 151.40266°W”.

For Warren Peak replace “76°41′00′′S 159°52′00′′E” with “76.69164°S 159.86567°E”.

For Windwhistle Peak replace “76°43′00′′S 159°46′00′′E” with “76.71159°S 159.76570°E”.

Dated at Wellington this 22nd day of June 2017.

W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.