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General Section
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Notice of the Scope of Practice and Related Qualifications Prescribed by the Dietitians Board 2017

Pursuant to sections 11 and 12 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (“Act”), the following notice is given.


1. Title and commencement—(1) This notice is the Notice of Scope of Practice and Related Qualifications Prescribed by the Dietitians Board 2017.

(2) This notice comes into force on 1 April 2017.

2. Revocation—This notice revokes and replaces all previous scopes of practice and qualifications prescribed by the Dietitians Board.

Scope of Practice for Dietitians from 1 April 2017

Dietitians are registered health practitioners who evaluate scientific evidence about food and nutrition and translate it into practical strategies. Dietitians work in partnership with individuals, whānau, communities and populations, in states of health and disease, to support optimal health and well-being.

Dietitians use their dietetic knowledge, skills, and judgement in a variety of contexts, which includes promoting and protecting public health, directing and delivering medical nutrition therapy services, and managing food and health systems. They may perform a variety of functions, including policy development, leadership, management, research, education, and communication roles.

Dietitians with a prescribing endorsement are able to prescribe Special Foods and approved nutrition-related medicines.

Dietitians are accountable for ensuring that their practice is consistent with the Dietitians Board’s competency requirements, Code of Ethics and Conduct, and relevant legislation.

Qualifications Prescribed for Registration in the Scope of Practice – Dietitian

The following qualifications are prescribed for registration as a dietitian:

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics (University of Otago);
  2. Master of Dietetics degree (University of Otago);
  3. Master of Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) degree (Massey University);
  4. Master of Health Sciences in Nutrition and Dietetics (The University of Auckland); or
  5. a qualification recognised by the Dietitians Board and with a pass in the Dietitians Board’s Registration Examination; or any other assessment set by the Dietitians Board.

Dated at Wellington this 6th day of March 2017.

SUE DOMANSKI, Registrar, Dietitians Board.