A revocation and replacement to this notice was published on 15 July 2020, Notice No. 2020-au3077.

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Office Holders of Public Trust Authorised to Take Statutory Declarations

Pursuant to section 9(1)(ia) of the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957, I hereby authorise the holders for the time being of the following offices in the service of Public Trust to take statutory declarations under the Act:

Head of Specialised Services

Area Manager

Principal Trustee

Senior Trustee

Associate Trustee

Trust Officer

Senior Trust Officer

Principal Trust Officer

Manager Trustee Services Estates

Manager Trustee Services Complex & Trusts

Manager Trustee Services PA/PPPR

Manager Executor Assist

Client Adviser

National Manager Business Services

Rural Property Manager

Client Manager

Senior Customer Adviser

Customer Support Adviser

I also hereby revoke all such previous authorisations granted to office holders of Public Trust.

Dated at Wellington this 17th day of July 2017.

Hon MARK MITCHELL, Associate Minister of Justice.