A revocation to this notice was published on 1 July 2019, Notice No. 2019-au3065.

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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Specification of Road User Charges

Pursuant to section 90A(2) of the Road User Charges Act 2012 and an instrument of subdelegation dated 4 November 2015, I, Bryan Talbot, Senior Technical Advisor, hereby specify the following road user charges (RUC) vehicle type and rate of road user charges:

Vehicle Type No.: 666
Description of RUC vehicle: Two-axle specialist vehicle with a gross permit weight over 18,000kg and up to 20,000kg.
Rate ($ per 1000km, including GST): $979.00

Please note that this rate applies on and after 30 March 2017.

A “specialist vehicle” must be of a type identified in clause 5.11(2) of the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016.

Signed at Palmerston North this 21st day of March 2017.

BRYAN TALBOT, NZ Transport Agency.