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Health and Safety at Work (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2016—Publication of Safety Audit Standard

The following safety audit standard has been developed and published by WorkSafe New Zealand (“WorkSafe”) pursuant to Regulation 19 of the Health and Safety at Work (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2016:

Safety Audit Standard for Adventure Activities – Requirements for Operators Version 1.1 (WorkSafe New Zealand, March 2017)

This replaces the previous standard dated March 2013, published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Copies of the standard may be obtained from WorkSafe’s website,, or by writing to the Registrar of Adventure Activities, WorkSafe New Zealand, PO Box 165, Wellington 6140.

The standard sets out the requirements of a safety management system for all operators that provide adventure activities covered by the Regulations.

This updated version makes consequential changes resulting from the creation of WorkSafe New Zealand in 2013, the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and the Health and Safety at Work (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2016. This update also clarifies the terms for technical support roles.

The update was carried out in consultation with industry bodies, audit providers and selected expert individuals.

The regulations require operators who provide adventure activities, as defined by the Regulations, to pass a safety audit and achieve registration by WorkSafe before providing the adventure activities.

An operator must engage a recognised independent audit body to carry out their safety audit.

Audit bodies will introduce this updated standard for future surveillance and audit work: existing safety audit certifications remain valid until the scheduled surveillance or re-certification.

Dated at Wellington this 23rd day of March 2017.

NICOLE ROSIE, Chief Executive, WorkSafe New Zealand.