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Notification of Intention to Recommend a Game Trophy Export Levy

In accordance with section 35(b)(i) of the Game Animal Council Act 2013, and pursuant to an Instrument of delegation dated 27 January 2014 from the Minister of Conservation, the Associate Minister of Conservation gives notice of the intention to recommend, to the Governor-General, the making of regulations prescribing game trophy export levies that are to be payable to the Game Animal Council (“Council”).

Before recommending a levy to fund the Council, the Minister of Conservation is required by section 35(a) of the Game Animal Council Act 2013 to determine what amount the Minister considers is reasonable to raise, and to have regard to:

  • the Council’s financial statements;
  • the Council’s forecast budget or budgets;
  • any income the Council is likely to receive from sources other than levies; and
  • the likely impact of the fees or levies on the affected persons, goods and industries.

Submissions are invited on the above intention. The consultation document can be found at

Submissions must be made:

  • by email to; or
  • by post to GAC Export Levy Consultation, Department of Conservation, PO Box 10420, Wellington 6143.

Hon PETER DUNNE, Associate Minister of Conservation.