A revocation and replacement to this notice was published on 8 December 2016, Issue No. 113, Notice No. 2016-go6926.

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Approval of Te Aratika Charitable Trust as Sponsor of Te Aratika Academy Establishment Notice

Pursuant to section 158B of the Education Act 1989, I hereby give the following notice.


  1. I hereby approve Te Aratika Charitable Trust to be a sponsor of a partnership school kura hourua.
  2. The name of the sponsor’s school is Te Aratika Academy.
  3. The sponsor’s school will be located in the Hawke’s Bay area.
  4. Te Aratika Academy will be a male only senior secondary school.
  5. Education at Te Aratika Academy may be given for Class Levels 11–13.
  6. The establishment of Te Aratika Academy is to be phased in over three years. For the 2017 year, the school will enrol students in Class Level 11. From the 2018 year, Te Aratika Academy will enrol students in Class Levels 11–12 and in the 2019 year will enrol students in Class Levels 11–13. All of the class levels at Te Aratika Academy will be single-sex.
  7. Te Aratika Academy will operate with the following aims, purposes and objectives:
    1. A Māori/Pasifika philosophy designed to serve the unique, cultural, academic, physical, social and emotional needs of Māori/Pasifika youth;
    2. collaborative partnerships with iwi, hapū, whānau, industry partners, schools, and tertiary institutions;
    3. innovative learning hub that provides foundation education, construction and infrastructure vocational pathways to employment opportunities; and
    4. to be a responsive 21st century learning hub for Māori/Pasifika youth.
  8. This notice shall come into force on the day after its publication in the New Zealand Gazette.

Dated at Wellington this 24th day of August 2016.

Hon HEKIA PARATA, Minister of Education.