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Marriage Celebrants for 2016 Notice No. 5

Pursuant to the provisions of section 13 of the Marriage Act 1955, it is hereby notified that the following names will be removed from the list of marriage celebrants under sections 8 and 10 of the Act as at 28 January 2016:

Allport, Faye Christine, Anglican.

Axcell, John Paul, Anglican.

Barber, Lawrence Harold, Anglican.

Barnes, Christopher Charles, Anglican.

Black, Stephen, Anglican.

Brook, James Albert Gregory, Anglican.

Broome, Deborah Louise, Anglican.

Brunton, Shirley Lorna, Anglican.

Butler, Audrey Merna, Anglican.

Caudwell, Rex, Anglican.

Cooke, Patrick Frances, Roman Catholic.

Cooke, Rachael Mary, Baptist.

Corcoran, William, Roman Catholic.

Cowell, Rodney Edward, Associated Churches of Christ in New Zealand.

Cox, Bernard, Anglican.

Dack, Karen Ann, Anglican.

Dack, Timothy William, Anglican.

Daniel, Wilson Edwin, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

Dawson, Kirsten Lorna, Anglican.

de la Cruz, Porfirio Belmonte, Anglican.

Fairbrother, John Fenton, Anglican.

Falconer, Colin Ross, Anglican.

Ford, Joan Alberta, Elim Church of New Zealand.

Fuko, Falesima, Anglican.

Glen, Frank Grenfell, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

Harley, Brian, Anglican.

Harris, Rodney Charles Lewis, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

Hodgson, John, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

Hume, Fergus, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

Joerin, Edith Doris, Anglican.

Keane, Phelam Michael, Roman Catholic.

Keogh, Brian, Roman Catholic.

Kim, Young Soo, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

Lee, Kyo-Sung, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

Leota, Peni Emau Sione, Independent Samoan Methodist Church of New Zealand.

Mahoney, Paul, Roman Catholic.

Mitchell, Graham Bell, Anglican.

Moylan, Delwyn, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

Nair, Mahendran, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

O’Sullivan, Kevin Barry, Roman Catholic.

Perkinson, Neil Donald, Anglican.

Perry, Timothy Joel, Baptist.

Pilbrow, Lance William, Baptist.

Rafter, Patrick, Roman Catholic.

Rice, Kieran, Roman Catholic.

Scaife, Patricia Ann, Anglican.

Smith, Craig, Anglican.

Smith, Jennifer Ann, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.

Steadman, Charles Peter, New Life Churches of New Zealand.

Tait, Janet Newton, Anglican.

Tatham, Sarah Jane, Opunake Christian Fellowship.

Thompson, Paul Andrew, Baptist.

Watt, Anthony James, Baptist.

Wilkens, Jennifer Ruth, Anglican.

Williams, Geoffrey Mervyn, Anglican.

Dated at Wellington this 14th day of January 2016.

JEFF MONTGOMERY, Registrar-General.