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Notice of Approval Given Pursuant to Section 160(3) of the Crown Entities Act 2004

Pursuant to section 160(3) of the Crown Entities Act 2004, I, Jeremy Salmond, Treasury Solicitor, hereby give notice that on 29 June 2015 The Honourable Simon William English, Minister of Finance, and The Honourable Dr Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Health, gave approvals, under section 160(1)(b) of the Crown Entities Act 2004, in relation to sections 161(1)(c) and 162 of that Act, for all district health boards, HealthShare Limited, healthAlliance N.Z. Limited and healthAlliance (FPSC) Limited to borrow and acquire debt securities from NZ Health Partnerships Limited.

Dated at Wellington this 24th day of February 2016.

JEREMY SALMOND, Treasury Solicitor.