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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notice of Adoption of Replacement Procurement Plan

  1. Under clause 5(c) of Schedule 1 of the Electricity Industry Act 2010 (“Act”), I give notice that the Electricity Authority (“Authority”) adopts a replacement procurement plan for the purposes of clause 8.44(7) of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (“Code”).
  2. The adoption of the procurement plan has effect from 1 December 2016.
  3. The procurement plan is a document incorporated by reference into the Code as having legal effect in accordance with section 32 of the Act.
  4. A copy of the procurement plan and the Code is available on the Authority’s website
  5. A copy of the procurement plan and the Code may also be inspected free of charge or purchased from the Electricity Authority, Level 7, ASB Bank Tower, 2 Hunter Street, Wellington.

Dated at Wellington this 17th day of November 2016.

Dr THOMAS BRENT LAYTON, Chairperson, Electricity Authority.