An amendment to this notice was published on 11 August 2016, Issue No. 71, Notice No. 2016-au4615.

Notice Type
Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Medium-size 20km/h School Bus Signs Trial

Pursuant to subclause 3.4(1) of Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 (“Rule”) and a delegation from the NZ Transport Agency, I, Glenn Bunting, Network Manager, authorise the installation and maintenance of medium-size 20km/h school bus signs:

  1. for the purpose described in Schedule 1;
  2. in the form and layout set out in Schedule 2;
  3. at the location stated in Schedule 3;
  4. for the period specified in Schedule 4; and
  5. subject to the conditions and evaluation outlined in Schedule 5.

The medium-size 20km/h school bus signs may be installed for the purpose of evaluating their effectiveness and the trial will be called the “medium-size 20km/h school bus signs trial”.

Schedule 1—Purpose of trial

The purpose of the trial is to:

  1. evaluate the effectiveness and safety of medium-size 20km/h speed limit signs mounted on small school buses;
  2. assess the legibility of the sign and the ability of the sign to capture drivers’ attention when elements of the sign are static or flashing;
  3. assess the effect on the speed of traffic passing a school bus which has stopped to pick up or set down school children and is displaying medium-size 20km/h school bus signs; and
  4. identify any limitations for reliable installation and use of the signs on small buses.

Schedule 2—Form and layout of medium-size 20km/h school bus signs

The signs must be as specified in the following description:

20 km/h school bus
The sign advises drivers that the speed limit when passing a stationary bus is 20km/h.
Shape and size Rectangle 320 × 320mm
Background Black
Border None
Legend Description Colour Size
  R1-1 with a speed limit of “20” and a roundel comprising at least three, concentric, illuminated rings Roundel red (lit) Diameter 300mm
Width 30mm (effective)
“20” white (lit) 140/19.5 (effective)
Operating mode 1 The outer roundel ring and “20” are continuously lit and the inner roundel rings flash at a rate of approximately 1 Hz and 50% duty cycle.
Operating mode 2 All roundel rings and “20” flash at a rate of approximately 1 Hz and 50% duty cycle.

Note: The dimensions, descriptions and terms used to describe the sign in this notice conform to the opening notes in Schedule 1 of the Rule.

Medium-size 20km/h school bus sign

Schedule 3—Location

The location approved for this trial is all the roads in the area of the Ashburton District Council.

Schedule 4—Period of trial

The trial may begin after the publication of this notice and, unless terminated earlier, must end by 31 August 2016.

Schedule 5—Conditions and evaluation

  1. The 20km/h school bus signs must be mounted on the front and rear of the bus in addition to W17-1.1, W17-1.2, or W17-1.4 school bus signs. The 20km/h signs must be mounted as high as is reasonably practical.
  2. The 20km/h speed limit signs must operate in mode 1 (as described in Schedule 2) only when the bus has stopped to pick up or set down school children. Operating mode 1 must be switched on and off automatically without manual intervention from the bus driver.
  3. Operating mode 2 (as described in Schedule 2) may be activated for up to 20 seconds before the bus stops and 20 seconds after the bus has stopped to pick up or set down children. Mode 2 may be switched on or off manually or automatically.
  4. An evaluation and analysis must be undertaken as outlined in the contract agreement of June 2015 between the NZ Transport Agency and TERNZ Transport Research.
  5. A report must be sent to me by 31 August 2016.

Signed at Wellington this 2nd day of February 2016.

GLENN BUNTING, Network Manager.